As we wander the desert on our hoverbike, we'll meet other travellers, solve puzzles, explore derelict spaceships and ruins, and learn about the culture that produced them. Inspired by classic Japanese shooting games, this is a game where you control three different characters at the same time. Why Did Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Bring Back Those Awful Paper Chases? We don't know much about the game's story, nor have we seen much beyond some screenshots and a video teaser, but at least it's something. See purchase options, Box to the beat in Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise for Nintendo Switch! [Switch eShop] Hyper Team Recon[Switch eShop] Sonzai[Switch eShop] Gamedec[Switch eShop] Big Battle: Defend the Wall[Switch eShop] Poker Club[Switch eShop] Ova Magica[Switch eShop] Nippon Marathon 2[Switch eShop] Mercenaries Blaze: Dawn of the Twin Dragons[Switch eShop] Uragun[Switch eShop] Sunless Skies: Sovereign Edition[Switch eShop] Foodball[Switch eShop] Say No! Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, Genshin Impact tier list: The best Genshin Impact characters, Cyberpunk 2077 gets new, more detailed system requirements. GameSpot may get a commission from retail offers. —Evan Lahti, Is KSP2 really going to pull off online multiplayer? Nigakki -New Princess Days! Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity – Use This Trick To Quickly Level Up Fused Weapons | Better Upgrades, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity – Why This Is Secretly The Best Character In The Game, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity – 7 Useful Tips The Game Doesn’t Explain | Fast Gold, Secret Abilities & More, PlayStation Plus December 2020 Games Revealed, Watch Dogs: Legion Multiplayer Mode Delayed To 2021, Developer: Claytechworks Co. LTD, Team Asano, Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. [Switch] Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate Re:Boot The “SHIELD-9”[Switch] Northgard[Switch] Saints Row IV: Re-Elected[Switch] Zoids Wild: Infinity Blast[Switch] Food Girls[Switch] Moonlighter[Switch] Police × Heroine Lovepatrina! This traditional JRPG was a hit and outside of gaining a following, the IP was hit with high remarks from critics along with fans. An adventure so delusional that it will make you delirious to the delirium itself! See purchase options, Take control of an elite group of commandos who must venture deep into enemy territory. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Find your next favorite in this pipin'-hot batch of fresh games. [Switch eShop] Gunpig: Firepower For Hire[Switch eShop] Wildfire[Switch eShop] Cybxus Hearts[Switch eShop] Absolute Drift[Switch eShop] Death Tales[Switch eShop] Quiplash 2: InterLASHional: The Say Anything Party Game[Switch eShop] Liberated: Enhanced Edition[Switch eShop] Outbreak: The New Nightmare[Switch eShop] Biz Builder Delux[Switch eShop] Nosferatu Lilinor, [Switch] Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise[Switch] Peaky Blinders: Mastermind (retail)[Switch] Commandos 2 HD Remastered[Switch] Tracks – Toybox Edition (retail)[Switch eShop] John Wick Hex[Switch eShop] Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & The Blade of Light[Switch eShop] Nine Witches: Family Disruption[Switch eShop] Steampunk Tower 2[Switch eShop] Futoshiki Math[Switch eShop] Paw Paw Paw, [Switch eShop] Super Space Serpent Secondary Edition, [Switch] Puyo Puyo Tetris 2[Switch eShop] Monster Sanctuary[Switch eShop] Shakes on a Plane[Switch eShop] Lofi Ping Pong, [Switch eShop] Ghostrunner[Switch eShop] I, AI, [Switch eShop] Accidental Queens Collection (Alt-Frequencies, A Normal Lost Phone, Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story)[Switch eShop] Alt-Frequencies[Switch eShop] Evolution Board Game[Switch eShop] OctaFight. 1.6.0 – DLC: Ver. List of all the models, packs, Limited Editions, etc. I, AI is a classic scrolling shooter with modern graphics. Two Puzzle Legends Reunite for the Ultimate Crossover! Enter the crazy neon racing world and become the hero of your neighborhood today! Gone is the contemporary setting, replaced by a semi-fantastical future where medieval-esque human factions vie for control of a city and its dwindling resources. See purchase options, Move, jump, shield, throw and trigger your bomb on time to be the last in one piece! Play as a new reaper, completing quests, collecting spells, and gathering equipment to fight through hordes of enemies! [Switch eShop] Riverside[Switch eShop] Sunu Ikkibu: Din Nahu[Switch eShop] Treasurenauts[Switch eShop] sU and the Quest for Meaning[Switch eShop] ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove[Switch eShop] Hex Heroes[Switch eShop] Ira[Switch eShop] Time Recoil[Switch eShop] Tesla vs Lovecraft[Switch eShop] KnightOut[Switch eShop] Prodigy[Switch eShop] Re:Legend[Switch eShop] Super Meat Boy Forever[Switch eShop] 90’s Super GP[Switch eShop] Geminose: Popstars Animals [Switch eShop] Sociable Soccer[Switch eShop] Arcade Archives VS. Clu Clu Land[Switch eShop] Arcade Archives VS. Pinball[Switch eShop] Promethium[Switch eShop] Wild Kid[Switch eShop] Rytmik Studio[Switch eShop] Toe Jam[Switch eShop] Leif’s Adventure[Switch eShop] Original Journey[Switch eShop] War of Genesis 2[Switch eShop] Air Race Speed[Switch eShop] Total Tank Simulator[Switch eShop] Scrap ’em Up[Switch eShop] Those Who Remain[Switch eShop] Pixel Noir[Switch eShop] Distraint[Switch eShop] Tales of Ronin[Switch eShop] World For Two[Switch eShop] ghostpia for Nintendo Switch[Switch eShop] Samurai Cop: The Game[Switch eShop] Plague in Us[Switch eShop] Tales of the Ice Staff[Switch eShop] A.N.N.E[Switch eShop] Shimmering Lagoon[Switch eShop] The Express Killer[Switch eShop] Project Monolith[Switch eShop] Transiruby[Switch eShop] R3[Switch eShop] Coba: Tale of the Moon[Switch eShop] Home Sweet Home[Switch eShop] Operation Mars[Switch eShop] Memory of Us[Switch eShop] AngerForce: Reloaded[Switch eShop] Fear Effect Reinvented[Switch eShop] 8-bit Armies[Switch eShop] Panzer Panic[Switch eShop] 1943 Deadly Desert[Switch eShop] 1944 Burning Bridges[Switch eShop] SkullPirates[Switch eShop] War Theatre[Switch eShop] Manufactured Beauty[Switch eShop] Audio Hero[Switch eShop] Cube Life: Island Survival[Switch eShop] Seasons of Heaven[Switch eShop] Sphinx[Switch eShop] RiftStar Raiders[Switch eShop] Back Slash[Switch eShop] Picontier[Switch eShop] Görsd[Switch eShop] Deathstate[Switch eShop] Turbo Pug DX[Switch eShop] 1001 Spikes EX[Switch eShop] Shots Fired[Switch eShop] Membrane[Switch eShop] Creeping Terror[Switch eShop] Collapsus[Switch eShop] Broken Age[Switch eShop] Table Top Racing: World Tour[Switch eShop] Imperatum[Switch eShop] Aftercharge[Switch eShop] NOAHMUND[Switch eShop] Pool Elite[Switch eShop] SEGA Ages Thunder Force[Switch eShop] Last Encounter[Switch eShop] Shadowgun Legends[Switch eShop] 0000[Switch eShop] Surfingers[Switch eShop] Hollow Knight: Silksong[Switch eShop] Kami Ningyou[Switch eShop] Alien Cruise[Switch eShop] Tiara: The Deceiving Crown[Switch eShop] Eternal[Switch eShop] Above[Switch eShop] Hex Gambit[Switch eShop] Mineko’s Night Market[Switch eShop] Samurai Gunn 2[Switch eShop] King of the Hat[Switch eShop] Family Man[Switch eShop] This Is Pool[Switch eShop] This Is Snooker[Switch eShop] Duke of Defense[Switch eShop] Sneaky Ninja[Switch eShop] Body of Evidence[Switch eShop] Bad Dream: Fever[Switch eShop] Treasure Stack[Switch eShop] Super Buckyball Tournament[Switch eShop] Towaga 2[Switch eShop] Warlocks 2: God Slayers[Switch eShop] Boku Boku[Switch eShop] Brave Dungeon 2[Switch eShop] Chrono Sword[Switch eShop] GHOSTUS[Switch eShop] Jack Axe[Switch eShop] Metallic Child[Switch eShop] Shaolin5[Switch eShop] Shores Unknown[Switch eShop] Trick Art Dungeon[Switch eShop] Tunche[Switch eShop] WORLD OF HORROR[Switch eShop] Rally Rock ‘N Racing[Switch eShop] Hazelnut Bastille[Switch eShop] R-Type Final 2 (Spring 2021)[Switch eShop] Shadow Corridor[Switch eShop] Night and Day: The Curse of the Red Witch[Switch eShop] Silver Chains[Switch eShop] Fight Knight[Switch eShop] Crystal Clash[Switch eShop] Dead End Job[Switch eShop] Runner Heroes[Switch eShop] Gunpowder on the Teeth Arcade[Switch eShop] Junkpuncher[Switch eShop] Roguelike Hero[Switch eShop] Reverse Collapse: Code Name Bakery[Switch eShop] Orange Door[Switch eShop] Wonder Parade[Switch eShop] Hundred Days[Switch eShop] Rimeland: Hammer of Thor[Switch eShop] Act It Out XL! This is an open-world action RPG title as well so that means not only are you going to get a chance in exploring Hogwarts grounds but also areas outside of the school grounds. See purchase options, Run any store you like to build up your own buzzing business burg! Get ready to break some eggs in this frantic multiplayer party-game!


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