Caramel Bourbon Vanilla Sauce Caramel Bourbon Vanilla Sauce. Continue to whisk the caramel until all of the bubbles have disappeared. These Pumpkin Spice Muffins are gluten-free + dairy-free thanks to an almond butter-based batter. In a saucepan over medium heat, melt together the butter and brown sugar. If necessary, rewarm the sauce in 15-second bursts in the microwave to make it more fluid. Turn on the stove to a medium heat and whisk the ingredients together until combined. These individually-portioned desserts make a beautiful finale to any dinner party. Personally, I think caramel is pretty wonderful warmed slightly and eaten by the spoonful. Then carefully add the sugar into the middle of the pot making sure you don't get sugar crystals on the sides of the pot. One the bubbling has subsided, continue to stir and carefully add the rest of the heavy cream mixture until your caramel sauce is uniform. raw sugar) for the caramel because it has more flavor than the white stuff. We use affiliate links. I’ve been seeing a lot of “easy caramel sauces” around the web lately that involve melting brown sugar in cream and reducing it. Once the sauce is at a low simmer, continue to whisk the sauce for about 8 minutes. Continue to boil the syrup until it becomes a medium amber color. Notes: Transfer the caramel sauce to an airtight container and store for up to two weeks. While bread pudding is cooking, make the vanilla caramel sauce. Turn off the heat. Everything we sell is grown WITHOUT CHEMICAL pesticides or fertilizers. Adapted from The Book On Pie by Erin Jeanne McDowell. Turn down the heat to medium and then insert a candy thermometer or use a digital instant read thermometer with a range that exceeds 330F to monitor the temperature until the caramel hits 330 degrees F. The moment the caramel hits 330 degrees F, turn off the heat and slowly start pouring the cream into the caramelized sugar while whisking. Designed/Developed by Kat & Mouse. Remove the caramelized sugar from the heat and carefully pour in some of the heavy cream mixture. While they may have the color of caramel, they’re a bit like a cheap iPhone knockoff… a poor imitation of the real thing. I can’t wait to try it! Cook without stirring until mixture is medium amber. All you need to start is brown sugar, granulated sugar, half-and-half, unsalted butter, vanilla extract, and salt. Posted in Dessert Toppings and Frostings, Recipes, Sauces, Specialties. I opened the bottle of your vanilla extract last weekend to bake some cookies and the difference in taste is extraordinary.". Be careful, and don't do this with your hands above the pan. Carefully stir in cream (it will spit and hiss a bit), then stir in the vanilla and salt. Flavorwise, you still get the smoky sweet caramel notes as the silky smooth sauce dissolves on your tongue, followed by the rich cream and butter, but the real treat comes at the end with the long, lingering flavor of vanilla. Thoroughly stir and, if time allows, warm in a separate pan or in the microwave to minimize the steam that will be produced when it is added to the caramelized sugar (not essential). Let cool slightly, then whisk in the water. Sprinkle in 1/4 cup of the sugar and cook, stirring just until the edges begin to turn a light amber, about 2 minutes. No Recipes®. But I'm open to additional suggestions in my never ending search for the perfect caramel recipe! © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. Bring to a simmer, then remove from the heat. This Keto Salted Caramel Sauce is so easy to make, and you’ll never look at store bought sauces the same again. In a heavy medium saucepan, combine sugar and water and turn heat to medium-high. Read more about me here >>, Disclosure - Privacy Policy - Terms and Conditions, Stirring constantly, cook the sauce for about 8 minutes, or until it thickens, Turn off the heat and continue to stir until all bubbles are gone, Allow the sauce to cool before transferring to an airtight container, Constantly stirring the sauce keeps the sugars from burning.


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