a consociation is to maintain imperial rule without the 'bureaucrats'. are constrained by the fact that all areas are ruled by 'imperial little point in resisting this and it cannot be overcome. Id. On It does not present a systematic philosophical defense of toleration, nor does the author intend that it should. will set out the principles which should guide the practicalities of construction of selfhood. This little book is a 327-331, Volume 21, Issue 2. at work. Normally, however, there is no What Walzer is doing here is Towards the end of the book he notes a different pattern which may In The fragmentation Id. promoting societal norms through its education system, does it run the Commons questioning the postmodern emphasis on hybridity. Communal autonomy can in practice reinforce traditional hierarchies The regimes which Walzer examines are known just as much for must work out the terms of peaceful co-existence by themselves. concerned about this development. well as its technological and other advances. Reviewed by Colin J.Harvey* However, he argues that such groups can be actively barred from seizing state Pierre Bayles Verteidigung des irrenden Gewissens und das Paradox der Toleranz. making for the imperial capital.2 this process. Walzer calls consociationalism a 'heroic program'.3 The basic aim of dissident voices exist to confront reductionism with complexity. is an enduring feature of modernity."" He notes that there is a continuum and that condition have a looser connection to their group and feel comfortable mixing multicultural. power and from competing for it.9 These groups will be permitted to International This all makes Michael Walzer's little book very timely indeed. and be little more than the convenient result of elitist practices. How would education for 7. example, with the self-understanding of many academics. As he notes: "The - Id. On the Frontier of Procedural Innovation: Advance Pricing Agreements and the... On the Frontier of Procedural Innovation: Advance Pricing Agreements and the Struggle to Allocate Income for Cross Border Taxation. failure to respect difference and nurture pluralism plays a large part in demands of individuals for recognition as citizens can clash with calls for Walzer is not concerned with producing a procedural model which Id. approach, he departs from some dominant modern strands in political framework. Walzer is alive to the attractions of and social critic Walzer delivers elegantly turned, highly nuanced reflections on what it takes in a democratic society for different groups to live together in peace. class. 1998 in Northern Ireland strongly reflects the consociational model in its could for example make the argument that the Good Friday Agreement and very often both will be used in different times and places by groups While his work is grounded in the 'real-world' of toleration, because it is claimed to be anarchic and lawless. The reason is that there is an embedded tension which His emphasis is on the importance of community in the '4 thoughtful contribution to the debate, and it should facilitate discussion on ways However when approaching context, Some individuals will find that they have Tweet. risk of being intolerant towards minorities? a single cultural group. achieved. To be politics of 'self-determination'. dominated by narratives of 'two communities', it is essential that failure to guarantee peaceful co-existence. They will, International lawyers, perhaps more than most lawyers, have to engage structure in order to advance equality between economic groups. The limits to toleration are fixed, he claims, by the their intolerance as for their tolerance. He suggests that affirmative action is egalitarian at the group level suggest is that there are a number of ways of achieving toleration. (New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 1997. result in a world of shallow individuals. experience 'sameness' in a strong way we cannot experience otherness These two projects can be viewed as mutually exclusive. If you do not see its contents It is In taking this Walzer's answer is that they are not exclusive expansion of international human rights law must be a cause for concern. regimes. reminded every so often of our hybrid selves is no bad thing. Walzer offers an eloquent defense of toleration, group differences, and pluralism, moving quickly from theory to practical issues, concrete examples, and hard questions. the factors which impede the full realization of international norms. Hybridity is of course attractive to Toleration, Autonomy and Respect, at 40. Walzer questions whether these should be properly are properly protected and effectively enforced. the condition of living without fixed or clear boundaries and moving However, the most severe problems lie in less cynical way to view the postmodern stress on fragmentation. Michael Walzer: On Toleration. The The century we have left behind will be known for its barbarism as One need only think of empires Michigan Journal of International Law, autonomous communities. then cultural difference will be accepted. The issue which no doubt arises for many people is toleration His and individuals. Press, 1997. xii + 126 encountered elsewhere in a child's life. One be emerging, which is what he terms the 'postmodern project'. Education raises particularly problematic issues. and legal theory. Pp . This differs from the first regime of toleration by the fact that the groups Whether TOLERATION, AUTONOMY 2. Walzer makes this sound very unappealing convincingly, that autonomy is not possible in the absence of a multi-cultural Legalising Toleration: A Reply to Balint. What these complicated cases On the (in)Tolerance of Hate Speech: Does It Have Legitimacy in a Democracy? International lawyers are often faced with the consequences of the In recognition of towards the intolerant. political theory. the file may be temporarily unavailable at the journal website


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