It’s an unsustainable way to live. Glimmer intends to go help him, but when she turns around she finds all of her allies ensnared in dark magic; her father, King Micah, single-handily overcame the entire Princess Alliance and holds them motionless with his overpowering magic. Catra grew up with Adora and the two of them became very close. She was elated when she learned that they defected from the Horde as well. The contrast between her pushing away Scorpia and her real friends, and then her childlike relief upon seeing the person who just sold her out. it’s catra saying that she finally understands adora’s perspective, understands that her protection wasn’t intentionally condescending but instead always coming from a place of love. And so she stayed. Glimmer orders her to go help the other princesses. It makes sense that we never saw her touch Catra like this when they were cadets in the Horde because she didn’t have any role models to teach her what love looked like. Perfuma realized that her theory was right and was overjoyed to learn this, while Scorpia discovered one of Perfuma’s flowers and showed some recognition of her friend’s lost object, smiling fondly. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The only thing she’s thinking about is how lonely she feels. loneliness? Scorpia was part of the invasion force during the Battle of Bright Moon. Also, in the oppression of wlw, misogyny and homophobia are inseparable from each other, which is why we feel misogyny in such a terrible visceral way compared to straight women, and why we have both a unique power to see through society’s manipulation of women as well as a unique challenge to overcome it. Their time together is hinting a friendship despite being on opposing sides. [shouts into the next room] Catra, is there something we can do?! Scorpia didn't say anything back and just noded to Catra's claim as Catra left the room. -Unlike in the original "She-Ra Princess of Power' from the 1980's, Catra's mask does not transform her into a large cat and is merely an aesthetic choice. removing men from the equation completely really does make wlw a target for the thousand swords of humanity’s hatred (im sorry i cant explain this metaphor right now ldlkjfdjfld). i’m fine.”, in the second, adora had again stolen catra’s victory (with the spider) and says “we need to stay together from now on.” catra angrily responds “I had it.”. Uh oh. And there was no anger at all, just… heartbreak. god it’s so. When they reach her family Runestone she is still filled with doubts, but Glimmer encourages her, and Scorpia connects to the Black Garnet; gaining the power over red lightning. Due to her feline display and ancestry, she is depicted as a young woman with sharp claws on her h… She knew she must’ve really fucked up if she somehow managed to push away the most loyal person in all of Etheria. So I wanna think more about the purpose of this character and go deeper into a couple of their scenes with Catra. They seem to have become true friends since Scorpia joined the Princess Alliance. And through the next couple of episodes, she doesn’t give up trying to sway Catra. Throughout Season 1, Catra was struggling to wrap her head around the idea that her best friend had suddenly transformed into a heroic, moralistic princess. During Season Three, however, she finally begins to see Catra's darker side, such as when she sent Entrapta to Beast Island and threatened to do the same to Scorpia if she stepped out of line. So the first time we see this visual with catradora is in season 1, the Battle of Bright Moon. She has white hair which she wears with an undercut. I’ve thought about this a lot and maybe I’m missing something, but as far as I can tell there’s no pattern to Catra’s use of “She-Ra.” I’m kinda disappointed because I was expecting it to be a bigger deal than it was, but now I actually feel like the fact that it was such a subtle, casual change is a lot sadder. im blacking out goodnight save the cat deserves an oscar, ADORA’S NEW CROWN RESEMBLES CATRA’S MASK BECAUSE THATS WHO INSPIRES HER TO TRANSFORM INTO SHE-RA WITHOUT THE SWORD, the mask is a symbol of catra repressing her pain so it could represent adora finally understanding and taking on catra’s pain which allows her to be the hero for her now that she never could be when they were kids, Touching someone’s face to manipulate them was a frequently recurring motif in She-Ra. Team All the betrayals in her life scarred her so deeply that she wanted to avoid emotional intimacy at all costs. He later poked fun at Catra's cat-like features such as her ears and tail, but thankfully Catra knows its all in good fun. Catra knows at this point that Adora didn’t want to leave her behind, but she did anyway to pursue some destiny that Catra wasn’t a part of, which left her feeling betrayed. Many fanworks center on their appearance at Princess Prom and their interactions in the Crimson Waste.


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