Raw SCOBYs have a gooey texture, with a flavor that resembles kombucha tea. Let's take a bite and find out! Yes it is! Category Howto & Style; Show more Show less. But where their taste isn’t much to … Kombucha SCOBY Explained and Top 5 Other Uses for a SCOBY. During fermentation, SCOBY is a bit more obvious. A lot of people do not like the taste of cooked or uncooked SCOBYs. What does SCOBY taste like? Specifically, the little SCOBYs that form on top of second fermentation bottles! The colour of this SCOBY isn’t an issue – that is just the result of stains from the tea. What Does SCOBY Do? A Kombucha SCOBY may seem strange at first. It may look and smell strange, but it’s actually a good sign that the kombucha is fermenting exactly the way it should. I’ve got a confession…I love eating SCOBYs. As the fermentation process progresses, SCOBY forms into a thick, rubbery, jelly-like and cloudy mass that smells like vinegar. What does a kombucha SCOBY taste like? Kombucha SCOBYs have a mild taste, taking on a hint of the kombucha flavor. Is a kombucha SCOBY edible? Once cooked, it can be a bit like leather and very chewy. It's very much up to personal preference. But along with strong starter liquid, a healthy SCOBY is the key to a successful brew and a lifetime supply of Kombucha. The dark brown patches are from the yeasts – this is normal. Overall a SCOBY that looks like this will still produce kombucha, but it suggests that something is slightly off – the most likely explanation is that the temperatures were a bit too cold. What Does A Scoby Taste Like?


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