I live in Marin County – maybe it's the fresh air and golden hills! Although I have my own set up, I am thinking of buying your starter kit and starting another batch to see if the flavor is any different. The shape and color of your newly growing cultures is not necessarily indicative of the quality of your brew. the dishwasher will certainly clean (and most likely sanitize too).. but a swish of vinegar will sanitize the bottles as well! If you aren’t sure, boil it without a lid for 10 minutes. We would love to help you repurpose your current brew setup into a SCOBY Hotel so you can start fresh with one of our amazing kits. As we just discussed, the more time your SCOBY is removed from its tea solution, the higher risk of the SCOBY being susceptible to mold. We also ship international and work with UPS and USPS to provided the discounted international shipping!. Cold brew - Continuously having your brew temperatures fall below 64 degrees will slow down the fermentation process. Make sure you always save 2 cups of starter from your F1 brew and make sure to not separate the layers of a single SCOBY -  you need that thick barrier to keep the mold out. You can … $40 is the least expensive I have found so far, and What spigots do your kits come with? His whole family gets these. If you are unsure, you may email us the photo via the contact page. Brewing with flavored tea- When you introduce oils and other flavor compound into the first fermentation phase of your brew, the environment within your brew is altered. Obviously then, Kombucha is somewhat related to mold. This system allows you to constantly drink home made kombucha tea without ever removing the kombucha culture from its container. It is beyond awesome. The most typical types of mold that may infest a Kombucha culture are the same as those you would find on bread or fruit or other decaying food items. !”, “I am set up with your continuous brew jug and making Kombucha again after many years. Healthy Kombucha SCOBY Growth including Unusual Kombucha SCOBYs However, the biggest obstacle is constantly keeping up with changing the fermented tea out with the new sweet tea. Oftentimes a newbie will mistake normal SCOBY formation or a stray tea leaf lodged in the SCOBY as mold. The words alone strike terror into the heart of any newbie Kombucha brewer. But if you’re still worried about mold, here are 3 things to avoid: Not enough starter liquid & a weak SCOBY - If you compromise on quality, you open your brew up to the potential of moldy invaders. With thousands of customer reviews, hundreds of support videos, and one incredibly passionate founder, our goal is simple: Make Happy Customers. }… Read, listen, or watch below! He went to his family Christmas dinner and everyone was complaining about their fingers. Unfortunately there is likely something in the environment that is contributing to the problem. Mold CAN occur… though it is highly unlikely because your kombucha culture is most susceptible to Mold during the bottling and transportation process of separating your SCOBY from your freshly brewed Kombucha Tea. Traditionally the process involves, removing the kombucha culture from its brewing container, removing the fermented tea from the container and bottling the tea. Hmm… now if I can only say the same about it cutting my rent in half…. Make sure after you incorporate your sweet tea, starter tea, and kombucha culture, you. Join here, If in the off chance you do end up running into mold in your brew, you’ve got to throw it away. Otherwise, you should be good to go! To better understand, let’s review the brewing process. I can see why a sanitary environment and a continuous feed container would simplify the process. Thanks for paving the way to getting us all making Kombucha in our kitchens again.”. Despite growing what might look like a healthy SCOBY after removing the moldy one, the brew is still contaminated and you could get sick if you drink it! Please make sure everything is sterile (hands washed with vinegar, clean working surface, no smoke, etc). If at any time (even at 3am on Tuesday), you are not crazy in love with our products or service, let us know and we will make it right. Thanks again. The crock is beautiful sitting in my kitchen and there is virtually NO MESS!! Once again: if you do end up with mold, get rid of your culture along with all other cultures and liquid from that batch and start over fresh from your SCOBY Hotel. The truth is, when we first started home brewing kombucha we had that fear too! And if I toss that tea can I still make a new batch of tea use the same scoby? So kombucha mold is very unlikely. Nobody likes to fail and the sight of fuzz on the brew is often intimidating for a moment. So kombucha mold is very unlikely. If your cart of kombucha goodies totals $150+ we will pay all the shipping for you! In fact, the most literal translation of the Chinese characters for Kombucha might be “red mold tea.”. By Christmas the splits in his fingers by his cuticals had healed. It is only during that approximately 3-day period that there is the potential for mold to grow. It unfortunately cannot be washed off or removed, and once it’s there it will continue to grow back. Now, is this little bit of plastic (unsure of plastic being food grade) going to affect the health of Scoby? No dangers thaty I know of with drinking kombucha with a mercury filling (though there might be dangers of simply having a mercury filling.. I’m not a MD so please seek MD advice regarding that).. These photo galleries provide examples of actual mold on Kombucha, so review closely before taking action. The local kombucha circle thinks that using a plastic spigot would be bad for the Scoby and myself. Essential Oils or other chemical flavoring, aka “natural flavors” may make the tea taste delicious, but it can harm the SCOBY, (which will inhibit the natural protection of your brew). Don’t get me started.). We are having a fun adventure brewing Kombucha ourselves, the only problem is keeping our little people out of it until it is ready (a problem I am happy to live with).”, “The kit was great… the scobys where very thick and healthy looking. The Kombucha Mold series: Even though the mold may appear to be contained to one area, the mold spores have likely spread through out and will continue to grow and potentially cause harm if ingested. If you find you are getting mold repeatedly, you are in unfortunate rare company. Now, just because it is not moldy, that doesn’t mean your SCOBY will form in a perfect smooth pancake. However there is danger starting your own kombucha culture from scratch.. which is why we recommend, picking up a fresh culture from us here:  http://www.getkombucha.com/buy-kombucha/products/Premium-Kombucha-SCOBY-with-Kombucha-Starter-Tea.html or another trusted source. Also I always run out before my next batch is ready. How much easier than the old method! Here are some photos of moldy Kombucha cultures. So, if it happens to you - don't waste a lot of time worrying about what you did wrong, where did it come from, etc., Just toss the whole mess out and start over, following the above guidelines. My SCOBY arrived super fast, and I love that it was a fresh one and I didn’t have to spend weeks rehydrating it.”, “If you are thinking about brewing your own Kombucha – you need look no farther than this web site – and store. Free Domestic Shipping Over $150 (discounted international rates): Boy this is more intensive than my college Economics 101 class (though we won’t get upset if you play hooky and sleep in class… or ask the cute boy or girl sitting next to you, c’mon what are you waiting for, pass them a love note already!). All you have to do is make the tea and add it to the container and decant from the spigot and repeat. To avoid such a tragedy, lean down and take a closer look at MOLD (but don’t inhale!). “Love that these come fresh and not dried, so I can make kefir right away!”, “I love this brewer! Once you placed your SCOBY, Sweet Tea Solution, and Starter Tea in your brewer, give it some quite time for at least 5 days.


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