In the bass rolloff demo below, you may be able to hear that my voice is slightly “off” when directly compared to the flat demo. The Shure SM7B lets you take control of your projects before you even hit record. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 problem, help me out? Can the phantom power damage the device? It's an SM7B so it's a dynamic, ...right? Thank you to the following Sweetwater Staff for their assistance in setting up these tests: Shawn Dealey, Rachel Leonard, Dave Martin, and interns Jason Peets and Rachel Hachem. Cloudlifter? It’s a dynamic mic. It was a brilliant idea and at just the right time. This isn’t a huge deal for users who work in a studio, but if you move your gear around a lot or were thinking of using it as an on-stage option, the Shure SM7B may, again, be the way to go. Shure and Shure go head-to-head here, and both the SM7B and 55SH Series II are elegant microphones that excel at vocal reproduction. Everything you love about Sweetwater in the palm of your hand. I have spent a disconcerting amount of time learning how to get the most out of this microphone, but hey, that is okay.. The ShurePlus MOTIV app is available on desktop, and makes the microphone extremely easy to control. Users need not be precise about placement, so you can focus more on the musician’s performance than logistics. What do you think? Mitch and I went into Sweetwater Studio B and set up just like many podcasters do: in a small room with a laptop and a mic. How does the Shure SM7B sound? I was reading online that if you use phantom power on a specific type of mic then it can be really bad for it. Though called by different names (in-line active preamp, in-line mic preamp, mic Will the octatrack provide phantom power? Already have an account? Neither mic requires external phantom power and off-axis rejection is effective on both, with it being slightly better on the SM7B. Surely the reason the SM7B isn't affected by Phantom Power is that it's Dynamic, it relies on Electromagnetism created by the moving coil, where as Condensers need the Phantom Power to create the current needed to measure a fluctuating capacitance. In this case, having a mic booster is nearly essential with a mic such as the SM7B. Choosing the Best Thunderbolt Audio Interface on Any Budget, How to Metal Scream Without Hurting Your Voice, DM1 Dynamite 1-channel Active In-line Preamp, McBoost 1-channel Active Mic Boost Direct Box. Some vintage ribbon mics employ an output transformer which is centre-tapped, and that centre tap is earthed. Another perk of this heart-shaped polar pattern is its forgiving nature. Its microphones have been used by presidents, pop icons, newscasters, and more: the Shure SM7B is one of many top-notch company products within its portfolio. We had to crank the input all the way up (almost 100%) to get adequate gain. While these sounds are ignored by our brains, they’re often registered by sensitive microphones and can add time to post-production when not preemptively combated. These were recorded through the very popular and affordable Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB interface. Store Hours, If you have any questions, please call us at (800) 222-4700. I use mine with a Sound Devices USBPre 2. There's little need for an external pop filter, since the pre-installed one works so well. Again, this makes sense: during live performances, you don’t want to amplify your drummer or the random bumps and knocks that could otherwise prove a distraction from your performance. I was reading online that if you use phantom power on a specific type of mic then it can be really bad for it. This microphone isn’t for the generalist as it affords just one pickup pattern: cardioid. Seems like a different pre would be a better choice for use with OT, that way you can skip the mixer. With over 28,000 articles and counting, inSync is your FREE resource for breaking news, reviews, demos, interviews, and more. If I turn the phantom power on/off, will it damage anything? I've done it as well by mistake, never had a problem with mine. True to its name, Radial's McBoost boosts the output of dynamic mics, giving you better transient response. Those who enjoy having more granular control over their recordings can switch into manual mode and make adjustments on the fly. If you have multiple recording rooms or a very large recording room, there are likely multiple panels around the studio with XLR connectors for mic cables. signal booster, in-line signal booster, mic boost direct box), they all do the Nonetheless, applying phantom power will not damage other microphones in the vast majority of cases. Won't hurt anything plugged in directly either...the mic doesn't care if the phantom is on or not. Suffice to say, this wasn’t recorded in a sterile room; yet, the untouched audio file remains unencumbered by the din that was undoubtedly present during recording. A Rode NT1-A and a Shure SM57. The mic still works, and I didnt notice any difference in sound, but im just curious if the mic could have been damaged in any way? There is very specific situation where phantom power can harm a ribbon mic and most smaller studios don't have that type of configuration. That said, it won’t damage the equipment if you happen to use it with a CL-1 Cloudlifter. But yeah it's a safe bet to make sure phantom power is off when not needed, or when patching anything. Can the phantom power damage the device? Unfortunately, we cannot list Amazon prices on the site, as they vary greatly by currency. introduction in 2011 that it has spawned a whole new class of similar products. He also produced the world-renowned 3D Audio CDs, a series which allows listeners to compare mics, preamps, analog-to-digital converters, DAWs, and summing, giving them the ability to hear the differences in their own spaces. Hey there! Both are dynamic cardioid microphones and result in a similar sound when bass rolloff or presence boost is selected on the SM7B. The Shure SM7B doesn’t require phantom power, but you may want to consider it if you have an aversion to maxing out the gain on your mixer. Press J to jump to the feed. Since these are commonly used with portable recorders that offer less preamp gain, I reached for the Zoom H6 portable recorder with 46dB max gain. The Octatrack needs a line level signal, and the output from a mixer or preamplifier will provide this. His studio work on Gold and Platinum-selling records with iconic Christian artists such as Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, DC Talk, Russ Taff, Twila Paris, Kathy Troccoli, and countless others gives him a unique perspective on the artistry and technology of recording. I once joked with someone about using the phantom power switch on the interface as a "mic on/off" button and they said that it could damage the microphone. I used a Genelec 8351B with a 1kHz tone as my calibration source and matched the levels within 0.1dB. I’d prefer not to damage any of my equipment before I test this out. Editor’s note: this Shure SM7B review was updated on November 22, 2020, to expand the list of buying options, and to address the Shure MV7 USB/XLR microphone. Though they DO require 48V phantom power coming from your interface to power their internal electronics, they won’t work with microphones that require phantom power. The Shure SM7B reflects the company’s attention to detail and prioritization of premium construction. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I have a Line6 UX2 interface. A cardioid pickup pattern can record sound from the front and sides of the unit. I found that I can only get sound recording through the cloud-lifter when I turn on the 48v(Phantom power… Listen and see if you think they accomplished their design goal. preamp but to augment your existing preamp and boost the signal from your mic. The Launcher by Soyuz is a 26dB in-line active preamplifier designed to offer the old-school sound of a vintage console, complete with a custom, hand-wound transformer. Mids and treble are ever so slightly amplified with presence boost mode compared to the bass boost, but one thing is for sure: they sound distinctly different from the previously mentioned flat response. Two toggles allow you to select one of three responses, depending on what the situation calls for (e.g. same thing — they’re active preamps that go between the mic and the interface. That made me wonder if things like phones supply phantom power via their 3.5mm TRRS jacks. Its compact design makes it much more portable, and more streaming-friendly than the Shure SM7B. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (3rd Gen) – Best Mic Preamp For Home Studio. It claims “minimal coloration,” but we thought it had a very unique sound. The SM58 is clearly a vocal-oriented mic as shown by the heavily attenuated bass response. This means that the Rode requires phantom power, so while it seems cheaper at face-value, you’re investing in extra hardware to make it usable. Offering Lynn Fuston spent 37 years behind recording consoles in dozens of studios in Nashville, as well as doing remote recordings around the globe. Take a listen to hear what it sounds like. Prices may change over time, and vary by region. Hi, I have a 2i2 and often run a condenser and dynamic at the same time (without cloud lifter)... No problems. It features two boost settings (12dB/20dB) in an ultra-low distortion and ultra-low noise preamplifier housed in a durable metal case. Although both mics are sturdy, dynamic microphones have a simpler mechanism build, making them more resilient than their condenser counterparts.


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