Most people just don't bother and put a meme next to the miis. How does Marth beat Yoshi? Can be slightly angled up or down. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Therefore it is not necessarily the contemporary opinion of SSBM matchups in 2020; this is most apparent with characters such as Pikachu and Yoshi, who have become significantly more prominent in the meta since then. Yoshi has also seen a significant increase in his playerbase in recent years, thanks to aMSa. As for edgeguardkng now, yes clouds recovery is bad but it's not as simple of throwing an egg and he's gimped. Plus he's a weird combination of both floaty and heavy, so the percent ranges for our best waft kill confirms are quite a bit smaller than usual. I main wario and I think it's a +1 for Yoshi. The neutral sucks, so we must kill earlier right? Yoshi has long been considered to have some of the worst matchups all around, with five matchups considered nearly unwinnable, and only one being considered favorable against Kirby; he also has the dubious distinction of being one of only two characters that have an even matchup against Bowser. The introduction of meteor canceling has also significantly harmed him as it hinders the reliability of his forward aerial and it does not make him much less vulnerable to meteor smashes himself due to him only having one double jump and his Egg Throw not granting him any extra height. If you Egg Lay the back-up climber, it's stuck in the egg for a little while, since it doesn't mash. Use these strategies to hone your skills and learn about popular matchups and game tips Players generally like to know who is good versus who. These disadvantages have led aMSa to label Fox as Yoshi's worst matchup. Jumps and plummets downwards, producing stars when he lands. Additionally, Yoshi's aerial attacks themselves can be of significant power; his neutral and up aerial have KO potential, as does his forward aerial due to its meteor smash potential. Among Yoshi's greater strengths is his air game. The percentage difference isn't in our favor either because cloud is only 4 units lighter than us also when he has limit he falls even faster, making it harder to kill him off the top. It's not as if he can't gimp other characters as well. edgeguarding yoshi isn't that hard, back air, dair and especially bowling ball break DJ armor pretty quick, and his up bs can be clipped with weak fair/bair or nair pretty easily. aMSa's use of Yoshi was considered completely unique from those of Fumi, Leffen, and other previous Yoshi mains; he showed the use of parrying and spacing that was previously never seen before and demonstrated that Yoshi's ability to punish errors made by opponents was far greater than expected. As a result of these properties, Yoshi has the fifth longest wavedash. Yoshi has also seen some buffs. However, due to large innovations in Yoshi's metagame by aMSa, as well as strong tournament placements by him, Yoshi's matchups have been debated in the Melee community, and his placement has greatly improved in the most recent tier lists. It is the third most powerful, 7% (hit 1), 6% (hit 2), 5% (hit 3), 4% (hit 4). In addition to this, his shield grab is slower and his throws are much weaker. I think it's 55/45 Cloud, because both characters wreck each other when played well, but nowhere near 65/35. Like other characters, Yoshi received some changes in the PAL version of Melee which buffed him overall. To top all of that, aMSa is currently ranked 7th on the 2019 MPGR, becoming the first top 10 player to main a mid-tier character beside Axe since Shroomed's Dr. Mario in 2014. aMSa's astounding achievements led many professionals such as Mew2King and Armada to believe that Yoshi should be ranked higher, even ranking him around or above top 10. His high air speed and a highly maneuverable midair jump, as well as fast, low-lag, sometimes multi-hitting aerials, aid his comboing game; the addition of a meteor smash via his forward air also gives him a viable combo finisher. Reels his head back, then slams it forward as a powerful headbutt. Once the player reaches an elevated platform, a team of 10 Yoshis will appear, who must all be defeated to continue. Soft eggs off stage right by the ledge mess his recovery up pretty badly, he has a command grab and a good projectile which makes it harder for Cloud to camp limit, great air mobility, etc. Note that although this is the current matchup chart as of 2010, it is subject to change with the meta. Chart []. If used in the air, Yoshi will fall straight down. Best Match. Ganondorf has the strength in his aerials to break Yoshi's double jump armor, which was one of the reasons that he was originally viewed to beat Yoshi. On the other hand, Yoshi does worse against characters who have the tools to harshly punish him or are able to work against his strengths. Yoshi's ability to incapacitate a climber with Neutral B (Egg Lay) is incredibly powerful at destroying the climbers. Yoshi has among the highest jumping prowess in the game, as well as a very high air speed, fast falling speed, low traction, and fast dashing speed. Yoshi also benefits from the introduction of directional air dodges as they give him an extra recovery option and allow him to wavedash. Thrusts his tail upwards very fast. If you go from below his dair wins, from the side you have to worry about his bair or nair, from above you're pressured with that infamous uair, if he's on the ground you have to worry about utilt or upsmash. However, his lack of a "true" third jump means he can be vulnerable when hit out of it, or after cancelling it. Yoshi is featured in the following event matches: In addition to the normal trophy about Yoshi as a character, there are two trophies about him as a fighter, unlocked by completing both Adventure and All-Star modes respectively with Yoshi on any difficulty: From SmashWiki, the Super Smash Bros. wiki, This article is about Yoshi's appearance in, Super Smash Bros. Melee Character Matchups,, The Red Essence - A Yoshi tech skill video by aMSa, Cloud is faster than us, and he still outrages us with his tilts and smash attacks and his jab is only 1 frame slower than yoshis. Looks up at the sky with his hands together, spins once, and gives a V sign with his hand. However, in recent times, aMSa's performance has gradually gained momentum; not only has he begun to dominate his region, showing that he has erased any reliance on matchup inexperience from his game, he has been able to continue placing well at majors, placing 9th at GENESIS 5, 9th at GameTyrant Expo 2017, 7th at Full Bloom 4, 7th at Smash Summit 6, 5th at Get On My Level, and 4th at EGLX 2018 while defeating the likes of players such as Hungrybox, Plup, Mew2King, Axe, Wizzrobe, SFAT, and many others. As a result of these properties, Yoshi has the fifth longest wavedash. Adding to this, Yoshi's small short hop, above average falling speed and low-lag aerials give him a good and useful SHFFL. Snake - 4.3 Vote for tiers. And he can actually edgeguard us with eggs and fair. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Marth/Lucina, Palutena, PT, and Incineroar. I'm curious, how does Yoshi beat Villager? He was announced as a playable character at the E3 2001. (Maybe 60-40?) Yoshi's shield is unique in that it is an egg that completely protects his body, leading to an impossibility of shield stabbing and it also has the unusual property of randomly perfectly shielding attacks, including grabs. Just like his forward smash, Yoshi's head is intangible while the hitboxes are active. This page explains how to successfully counterpick the champion yoshi in the game Super Smash Bros. He also wins the Ice Climbers matchup because he can easily separate and KO them with attacks such as his forward aerial, back aerials and down smash, and even immobilize one of the pair with the otherwise situational Egg Lay. According to aMSa's incomplete matchup spread, Yoshi has good matchups, although a handful of them remain difficult. Yoshi's shield is also very unique. He was thought to only have an advantageous matchup against one character, Kirby, while he was hard countered by five characters (three of which are in the top tier), countered by ten characters, and soft countered by three characters. Yoshi's placement in the current tier list has been on a topic of debate since then. For a gallery of Yoshi's hitboxes, see here. Yoshi uses his tongue to grab an opponent and pull them into his mouth. Yoshi's comboing ability remains strong due to the much faster falling speeds, as well as retaining the ability to double jump cancel. Gets up and headbutts both sides of himself. Slowly gets up and slams his head forward with short range. Yoshi is the only character of a starting universe that does not have his own stage in Adventure Mode. He cannot jump out of it once in the egg, but cannot be shieldstabbed, and suffers no shieldstun, meaning situations involving his shield play out very differently that they do for the rest of cast. Yoshi (ヨッシー, Yoshi) is a starter character in Super Smash Bros. Melee. The damage done is based on how fast Yoshi is moving. Add in Yoshi's great offstage potential and great juggling/antiair tools to keep Ness from landing and that matchup can be a headache.


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