I nearly 100% completed the game if it hadn't been for some fucking bug that kept me from doing so. var cpmstar_rnd=Math.round(Math.random()*999999); King’s Field has always enjoyed a particularly subdued atmosphere, as games go. Further into the game there are somewhat more elaborate puzzles, and much more walking around between places to achieve things rather than just progressing to the next part that you haven’t explored yet. A notable example is the opening piece “Healing Temple” – feature some prominent kick drums, set to a plinking synth playing a descending triplet motif, against an ascending string bass. King's Field makes its debut on the PS2, sporting 40 areas of exploration, and 100+ kinds of monsters to battle. Devian will gain experience as he defeats enemies, gradually making him stronger and more resilient against the horrors that lie within the labyrinthine dungeons of the Ancient City. ... King's Field: The Ancient City … There is another edition with catalogue number SLUS-20353. Imagine it, the previous games had fairly slow player character turning circles, but in King’s Field 4 the odd decision was made to lumber Devian with an even slower one! It is exclusive to the PS2. Also included in the Dark Side Box. Level design, too, is at its peak here: the game loves to mix things up, and will happily make you trudge through green valleys one moment, battle-scarred ruins the next, then through tunnels, chambers, underground caves and lots more. Exclusive postcards, book previews, and more. I've played King's Field II (technically the 3rd game) for the PS1, so I knew going in what to expect gameplaywise. And of course, it makes the combat a damned sight harder than any of the previous entries in the series. Stepping into the shoes of Prince Devian of the Azalin Empire, you are tasked to return the cursed Idol of Sorrow to its place of origin, so that your king shall no longer suffer its evil effects. Japanese: as King’s Field IV Original release SLPS-25057 on October the 4, 2001. Eternal Ring preceded King’s Field 4 with somewhat lesser visuals, but it is assumed that it uses the same engine though definitely with improvements, including a persistent world and no loading times. Devian will gain experience as he defeats enemies, gradually making him stronger and more resilient against the horrors that lie within the labyrinthine dungeons of the Ancient City. Links: KingsField.jp Dark Side Box Premium page (Japanese) Archive From Software game listing (Japanese), Top 47,858 Games of All Time Episode 300: Mario Paint, Sword of Moonlight: King’s Field Making Tool, Agetec’s Official English King’s Field IV Site, Bubble Bobble 4 Friends: The Baron is Back. But there is a definite air of barely-tangible sadness to the game itself, and to its release. What there is of it is beautiful, a quietly charnel journey that is unmatched by any console RPG outside of Shadow Tower Abyss. The soundtrack compliments the game well, with its subtle creepiness. As Devian, players will explore these areas from a first-person perspective, fighting enemies using a variety of melee and ranged weapons, as well as magical spells. It seems much love and care was taken with every inch of the game world. NPC models are improved, though they still have no eyes! With not a bang nor a shout, nor a particularly over-zealous CG intro, you begin the last entry in the King’s Field series at the entrance to the dark lands surrounding the supposed site of The Ancient City, from whence the evil idol came. document.writeln(""). King's Field: The Ancient City Version Differences Guide v1.00, King's Field: The Ancient City Weapon FAQ v1.20.


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