3/1900/1000, ORU: 2) in Attack Position. in the dub). Vector quips that he's got a bit of indigestion from overeating and that he should work that off - by defeating Nash and taking his powers too. Vector finishes by yelling that they need to settle this with a Duel. Until his death, Nasch was once lived life as a human - king of the United Lands of the Poseidon Ocean alongside his sister, Marin. Il utilise un deck "tachyon" et sa carte maitresse est C107:Néo Dragon tachyon aux yeux galactiques. Vector deals a lot of damage to Nasch with his Gorgonic Guardians, but Nasch manages to summon Abyss Splash and defeat him. Vector recoils and Nash declares a direct attack. Nash calls him an idiot and asks if he evens knows what he's saying. Last First Duel. ZEXAL episode listing (season 2) Il ne s'entend avec aucun des empereurs de barian surtout Nasch Merag et Mizael. ses cartes maitresses sont numéro 9 "sphère Dyson et numéro C9 " Sphère Dyson du Chaos". Il utilise un deck Tomate, son monstre clé étant le Roi Tomate : Rouge Rouge Roi. Il fait partie du Club Numbers. Nash then activates the second effect of "Reincarnation of the Seven Emperors" to Special Summon "Black Ray Lancer" (3/2100/600) from his Extra Deck in Attack Position (as it's a Rank 3 or lower Xyz Monster) and inflict damage to Yuma equal to the Summoned monster's ATK at the end of the Battle Phase. Dans sa vie passé, il était un prince fou qui détruisait tous les royaumes où il passait. Astral est toujours là pour soutenir et aider Yuma, et est d'ailleurs bien plus vif d'esprit que lui. Sinister Memories! Vector brings out "Chaos Number 102: Archfiend Seraph". Vector yells that his attack isn't over yet and orders "Archfiend Seraph" to destroy "Silent Honor DARK". Tetsuo Takeda est l'ami de Yuma et un duelliste talentueux, mais qui a été battu par Shark au tout début de la série. I do not play yugioh competitively only for Anime Purposes. ZEXAL anime. Il est un aventurier qui voyage avec sa femme Mirai. He doesn't consider himself to be the same person anymore. Obomi est un robot de nettoyage (un Obot en japonais), supposé de sexe féminin, qui a été programmé à la base pour assister les cambriolages. Yu-Gi-Oh! Yuma and Reginald's bodies are riddled with wounds. Yuma thinks back to the sacrifices of Bronk, Nistro, Nelson, Anna, Quattro, Quinton, Trey and Kite (in the dub, Yuma adds that he would rather face ten Sharks than an angry Tori). Orbital 7 lui est totalement dévoué, et malgré sa maladresse à certains moments, lui est très utile. Astral is surprised he read Nash's move that well (in the dub, Astral replied that Nash won’t survived the damage). Housaku Yasai est un duelliste rondelet qui adore les légumes, en particulir les tomates, et qui fait pousser ses propres légumes. Il ne s'entend pas du tout avec Misael. Shuta Hayami est un photographe indépendant doué pour prendre des photos. Il utilise un deck « main » et ses cartes maitresses sont les numéros 106 « Main de Géant » et C106 « Main Rouge de Géant ». Il donna son pouvoir à Yuma pour que sa s'arete et il perd son duel . He always understood the feelings of his friends and enemies with Dueling. Next He attaches "Chaos Number 104: Umbral Horror Masquerade", "Chaos Number 105: Battlin' Boxer Comet Cestus", "Chaos Number 106: Giant Red Hand", and "Chaos Number 107: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon" to "Barian Hope" ("Barian Hope": 3000 → 7000 ATK, 3 → 7 ORU). He activates his face-down "Reincarnation of the Seven Emperors", explaining that it will banish "Barian Hope" and its Overlay Units to reduce the Battle Damage to 0. Turn 2: Nash Through Shining Draw, Yuma draws "Double or Nothing!" Nash Sets a card to end his turn. Even here, in his own palace, Nash defeated him.


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