We love our customers and are here to help. Shop Now . But if you still don't want to assemble them yourself, then give us a call and we'll assemble them for you! A shorter person will want the seat closer to the chair back and a taller person will want it a little further away. Attach the armrests into the holes on the underside of the chair. 7.) Place the gas strut cover over the gas strut. You will notice if you’ve done it correct when you hear a “click” sound. A good ergonomic chair should be one of the cornerstones of your workstation. 4.) If you don’t have your chair adjusted to your body, you aren’t maximizing the effectiveness of the chair. Adjustability is a key component in the design of an ergonomic chair. Headrests help to provide support and comfort to the head and neck while in a reclined position, often keeping your head at a near-constant eye level with your computer monitor. Connect the chair mechanism with the gas strut on the 5 star base. Page 2 ENGLISH SUOMI EESTI Assembly should be carried out by a Ainoastaan ammattitaitoinen henkilö Paigaldama peaks kvalifitseeritud qualified person, because wrong assembly saa asentaa tuotteen, sillä vääränlainen isik. This adjustment slides the seat pan back towards the chair back or away from it. Assembling your new office chair from ChairOffice is simple. Now, slide the chair back onto the mechanism. This makes it easier for you to slide it onto the chair mechanism. We have customers who come into our But if you still don’t want to mount it by yourself, many stores offer a furniture assembly service. In some chairs, it's an independent adjustment. Now place the main chair mechanism (with the chair back attached) onto underside of seat, aligning the 4 bolt holes in the underside of the seat. Once you've selected your chair, it's important to learn how to properly adjust it to best fit your body. This chair is one of our mesh chairs, so some parts may differ in size and style from the chair you have ordered. The Humanscale Freedom Chair pictured above features a height adjustable headrest. Assembly instructions for all our products can now be found on the product information page. 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Most of our chairs are actually easier than this to assemble. Next step is to bolt everything together using the bolts from your kit. Simple as that! Best Chairs Storytime Series is designed to offer unique glider rockers, chairs, and recliners and finishes to tie in with fabrics that are tailored for children's rooms and nurseries. If your chair has a headrest, make sure it's properly adjusted as well. 2139 W Anderson Ln | Austin, Texas 78757 | 800-531-3746. Bolt it together using the bolts supplied (Only 3 needed in example shown below). Just as important as the inclusion of the lumbar support is its placement and proper adjustment. This adjustment is often built into the chair so you can adjust both the height of the chair back and the lumbar support at the same time. The image below shows the chair back being held upside down to make it easier to slide onto the main chair mech (Mechanism). New product announcements, free product promotions, and discount offers. Now sit in your chair with your back firmly against the chair back and adjust the seat cylinder to the proper height. If you want to know more about us, just click the 'read more' button (under construction). Take the casters and push them into the 5 star base. 6.) Unpack all items and lay them out, as you can see there isn’t much to it. That’s it! Stand in front of your chair and adjust the height of the seat pan to just below your knee caps. The depth of your seat can make all the difference in comfort. All you need is a bit organization and a wrench. You’re almost done! You just bought an office chair, you unpacked it and… you don’t know where to start. Buyers need to consider what ... Buying a gaming chair is a rather big investment - both health wise and money wise! 2.) showroom in Austin, TX and play musical ergonomic chairs, trying out all the different floor models we have, sitting in each for only a few seconds before deciding it isn’t comfortable. This isn't a good way to approach your shopping. The good news is, there’s a way to assemble your office chair without having to understand the awful manual. Place the gas strut into 5 star base, it has a tapered fit - So when will become tighter once the chair is sat on. Sooner or later, everybody is confronted with this kind of situation. We are Sarah & Marc from Office Chair Expert and we're going to share our knowledge about all kinds of office chairs with you. There are many different types of headrests. Users can slide the arm rests in towards the body to accommodate a more slender frame. Check out the most popular ergonomic chairs at Human Solution. With Best's legendary quality, comfort and special order capability, expecting mothers were begging us to create furniture for their nursery. 5.) We guarantee everything we sell and have easy returns. You may have to put a high amount of pressure on the castors to do that because the washers have to pop over the plastic socket bracers. DXRacer K-Series Gaming Office Chair Review, PC Chair’s Finest: Vertagear SL2000 Review, Cheap Gaming Chairs Don’t Have To Be Bad: Merax High-Back Gaming Chair Review. The good news is, there’s a way to assemble your office chair without having to understand the awful manual. And now, enjoy our blog :), How To Assemble An Office Chair / Gaming Chair, Ultimate Gaming Chair – Arozzi Toretta Series, Gaming Racing Chair: AKRacing Nitro Ergonomic Review, Absolute Luxury – AKRacing ProX Series Gaming Computer Chair, Long Live The King! CLASSIC ADIRONDACK CHAIR ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS Step 1 Set the leg frame upright with the finished bottom facing forward and the curve at the top facing backwards, apply sticky nylon washer inside leg, then slip the seat in place and line up the holes. If at any stage you struggle, use this guide to help you. In this article, we will show you how to do it! Allocate the parts and organize the various pieces of your chair in order to find them when you need them later. If your office or gaming chair has a separate headrest, attach it to the chair’s backrest. To do so, hold the chair upside down. This chair is one of our mesh chairs, so some parts may differ in size and style from the chair you have ordered. There are many types of gaming chairs, each having different features. Place the chair onto the gas strut & 5 star base securely, 10.) Your arms should rest comfortably at your side, so as to relieve strain and pressure from your upper back and shoulders. You want your feet to be flat on the ground with your knees close to a 90 degree angle. It seems that an assembly of an office chair or gaming chair by following the included manual is nearly impossible to do for the most of us. The instructions are badly written and very difficult to understand in most cases. Getting your chair adjusted to suit your body will make a world of difference in your comfort and health. Remove every part from the kit and also strip off the plastic from the parts if existing. I have found this to be one of the most important, yet overlooked, ergonomic chair adjustments. You can’t decide if a chair is or isn’t for you if you aren’t using and adjusting it properly.


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