The Pilot V is marketed as disposable and is trickier to refill if you want to keep it around, but the process is manageable when you get the hang of it. Fine nibs deliver lines that are quite similar to what a ballpoint pen would, just more curvy and artistic. The Scribe Sword is a wonderful combination of antique styling mixed with contemporary design, combining traditional delicate accents, with a beautifully sleek and well-crafted finish. Nib Tip Size - The nib tip size comes in 3 different sizes; fine, medium and broad. Crafted from a mixture of fiberglass and stainless steel, the Lamy is a luxury writing implement from body to nib. Equipped with sufficient ink that won’t easily dry out, the Pilot Fountain pen ensures an uninterrupted and non-skip glide when writing. The Metropolitan comes with an ink-control system so you don’t have to be an expert to create smooth, perfect lines with the fine nib. Pelikan has been making fountain ink pens since 1838 and it offers some of the finest available for purchase. I confirm I wish to sign up to the Gear Hungry mailing list, 1Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen 91107, 3Pilot MR Retro Pop Collection Fountain Pen, 7Pilot Vanishing Point Collection Retractable, 8Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen 91111, Pilot Varsity Assorted Colour Inks 7-Pack Pouch Fountain Pen, Vanishing Point Collection Retractable Fountain Pen. This is easier on the hand, although the pens do have to be angled just right to produce this effect — thus the art form. A: Fountain pens have always been known to be quite pricey because of the high-quality materials used in making one. For official use and even for leisure, a good pen delivers ease of use, durability as well as that pure boost of confidence and satisfaction when writing. The retractable nib is a winning feature and sees the nib able to easily retract back into the body of the pen, much like in the standard ballpoint pen designs. Subtle, high-end and built to withstand the test of time, Cross Townsend Medalist Fountain Pen stands as a cornerstone to their success and an extension of yours. They use liquid ink as opposed to the thicker, oil-based ink ballpoint pens use. The well-crafted design ensures a light feel on the hands, with a smooth metal body that’s not a burden to the fingers. You’ll need just a light touch of pen to paper with the Lamy 2000 because gold is so much more pliable than steel or other substances. Best Under $100: Lamy Studio Fountain Pen. If you don’t fancy heavy pens, there are slimmer and more narrow options that are lighter on the hands. The liquid ink system ensures the ink flows smoothly from the nib promising no spurts, smudges or dampening of the paper. Lamy pens perfectly combine style and function, putting a lot of emphasis on the practicality of the writing instruments that they produce. As mentioned before, these are a really affordable option for high-quality fountain pens that can be used every day, without the technical hassle of refilling the cartridge regularly. There are two types of nib available; medium or fine, which allows you to select a style that fits your writing requirements. It may not rock the sleek and elegant body fountain pens are known for, but when it comes to quality, durability, and performance, these pens are in the frontline. The body of the Lamy 2000 is sleek and smooth — reviewers called it “minimalist” and “classic.” It’s made of black Makrolon, which is a substance something like fiberglass. This sturdy, beautifully-crafted pen features a stainless steel barrel, Parker's famous arrowhead clip, and a feather-shaped, medium nib. Learn more about our review process. Designed by Faber-Castell, the E-Motion Fountain Pen is created for ease of use, without compromising on the quality of the finish or the beautiful styling. Scribe specifically balances its Sword pen for utmost ease of use. Weight - Depending on the material used, metal pens tend to be heavier than their plastic counterparts. These pens' contours and surfaces are smooth and comfortable in the hand, and the ink flow is comparable to that of many more expensive fountain ink pens. Check out our guide to the best ballpoint pens you can buy today. Which Is The Best Fountain Pen For Me? Designed with exquisite style and sturdy excellence, this fountain pen definitely gets a big tick when it comes to its outstanding look and clean finish. It’s appropriate for signing documents or even checks — you won’t experience any unsightly blobs — although it's hailed as a pen for calligraphers thanks to that great nib. The pen body are made from aluminum, brass, or plastic. Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Charcoal. Size - Fountain pens range from slim models to much more heavy and broader models. Note that it comes with one short cartridge of blue ink. The pen is not just beautiful, but highly practical for everyday use, whether you are experienced with fountain pens or not. One unique feature is that this can be completely disassembled during the filling process, so you can experience first-hand how the intricacies of your fountain pen work.


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