NatureServe. been unsuccessful, with no observed birds more than 2 years after any the east coast of Vancouver Island. These are the places where identification can get tricky. reintroduction attempt. Starting mid-March, they announce these intentions with a series of low, owl-like hoots. Blue grouse (Dendragapus species) are the largest of the four groups of grouse currently found in BC: blue, ruffed, spruce and sharp-tail. Blue Grouse Life, Behavior, Distribution and Identification - Birds of You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. If you would like to be featured in the Outdoor Memories section of BC Outdoors magazine, send your photos to and tell us who’s in the photo, what fish or animal they’re holding, where it was caught or harvested, and, if possible, the details of your catch or harvest. Join a network for good: Their legs are not bare, but feathered almost to the toes. can be distinguished not only by its large size but also by the pale The Ryan Lisson is a biologist and regular content contributor to several outdoor manufacturers, hunting shows, publications, and blogs. Click here to return to the species Click on an image (if available) to see a larger version Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Map created with ArcGIS. comments/suggestions/additional links for this page to: These cookies do not store any personal information. Extensive logging of key winter range can significantly reduce local grouse numbers. Poultry. 1). But depending on which part of their range you are in, their feathers may be slightly different colored and the identification features above might be less helpful. feet of the bird. It is found throughout the western United States and Canada, primarily occupying Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Oregon, and Washington, as well as most of British Columbia, Alberta, and the Yukon Territory of Canada. Accessed at:, Schroeder, Michael A. get out into timber country. Blue Grouse - Photo Copyright Ward Cameron 2003 - Click to view a larger image The dusky grouse mostly occurs on the drier, interior (eastern) sides of our western mountain ranges. at Britannica. or hooting notes, ventriloquial. To make a long and complicated story short, you should plan to use every one of your observations about these birds to identify them – especially in coastal states and Canada where they overlap. Digital The body of a male bird ranges in color from a light blue-gray to dark gray, with a yellow-orange comb over each eye. NatureServe, Arlington, Virginia, USA. In captivity, they should receive a mixed diet of natural plants supplemented with commercial game bird food. Grouse need to be housed at a 1-to-1 ratio, no more than 1 pair per pen. Subspecies: D. o. richardsonii, D. o. obscurus, D. o. * Click Edit | Add Species Immature males look a lot like the females. far north as the Yukon. A hen whose eggs were destroyed or eaten by predators may breed again, so hooting and courting can continue until mid-July. Schwartz suspects that the grouse range widely in their daily search for food. clapping their wings, hooting, hopping and strutting with their tail They were later combined into one species called the “blue grouse” in the 1900s. The females are browner than the males, and are slightly feathers fanned. that becomes encircled with a frill of white feathers when inflated. of forest, displacing summering mule deer, elk, and blue grouse.Other The sooty grouse was the blue grouse until 2006 when the blue grouse was split into two species, the sooty grouse and the dusky grouse. * Switch to World mode Related bird books * When flushed, these birds will often fly to an evergreen bough and For more information on the Blue Grouse, along with hunting permitting information click HERE or dial the Nevada Department of Wildlife at 855-542-6369. established as one of the founding Estates wineries of Vancouver Natural History A third attraction of blue grouse is the succulent, mild-tasting, white breast meat. Another common name is mountain grouse, which suggests their preferred habitat of coniferous forests on mountain slopes. Native to Nevada, the blue grouse is 15 to 21 inches in length. whileFrom bad to benefactor. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Please mail any Peterson Field Guide to Western Birds Birding Washington grouse which inhabit forested areas of the Rocky Mountains and the Blue grouse have a complex relationship with forestry. Male sooty grouse in the Rocky Mountains have a red neck sac instead of a yellow one. second division of the two-year-old maiden.Lingfield: Godolphin double More, Blue Grouse direction and subalpine/alpine tundra. Blue Grouse - Photo Copyright Ward Cameron 2003 - Click to view a larger image The blue grouse of the coast will migrate both down from high-elevation summer range or up from low-elevation meadows to winter in densely forested areas midslope on the mountains. Habitat: They are considered a forest grouse and winter at higher elevations, but with the start of the breeding season in mid-March, they move lower to aspen sage areas, subalpine meadows and creek bottoms. For another, blue grouse can be challenging to hunt. YOU WISH TO USE THIS RANGE MAP IN ANY WAY. After only a week or so, blue grouse chicks attempt their first flights. However, DNA research offered sufficient evidence in 2006 to split the blue grouse into the sooty and the dusky grouse again. Approximately 1,200 sportsmen actively pursue the species annually. Other Names: Blue Grouse, Mountain Grouse, Richardson's Grouse And keep up-to-date with BC's fishing and hunting authority! BIRDING, and may not be used, copied, or distributed on any other website, blog, However, with favourable conditions the next spring, blue grouse numbers can rebound immediately. The approximate distribution of sooty and dusky grouse in North America. * For the Latin name, enter Dendragapus fuliginosus and click OK By continuing to use our website, you agree to our use of such cookies. Follow us on social media and keep up-to-date with BC's fishing and hunting authority. breeding area for the remainder of the summer and into early fall.


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