The bridge brawl broke out Wednesday morning when social justice protesters in Manhattan disrupted a pro-NYPD march as it sallied forth from Brooklyn over the Brooklyn Bridge. WCBS Newsradio 880. The video was captured at about 4:30 p.m., a few hours before two police officers were hurt by a man who tried to throw a garbage can from the Brooklyn Bridge… The violence broke out when the anti-police protesters and anti-violence marchers clashed on the bridge. NYPD Chief Of Department, Other Officers Injured As 'Stop The Violence' March Over Brooklyn Bridge Turns Ugly By Steve Burns. July 15, 2020 07/15/2020 7:29 pm. The … Claim: A photograph shows a 'defend the police' march across the Brooklyn Bridge on July 19 2020, which the media refused to cover. Wednesday’s demonstrations were the latest in a wave of protest activity across the country since George Floyd was killed May 25 by Minneapolis police. ... Police and protesters in New York clashed in the wake of … Two Bronx men were arrested Thursday in connection with an attack on police, who were struck with a rod as protesters marched across the Brooklyn Bridge… Black Lives Matter protestors march across the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan, June 4, 2020. Three NYPD officers were attacked during a "Stop the Violence" march on the Brooklyn Bridge on Wednesday.


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