Our males are bright red, and our females have red on our tummies. I’m yet another bird that visits Florida during the wintertime. If you’re lucky, you’ll see me more in the Publix parking lot than in your backyard. I’m easiest to find in the springtime, when I sit on top of tall things and sing my heart out. Brown wings have two white bars. My black face and gray back make me pretty easy to distinguish as I flit among the treetops. The song, mostly uttered by males and not confined to the breeding season, is essentially just a chirp, or a series of them. However, you are likely to hear this breed’s loud song before you see its partnered feathers that blend so expertly into the earth. These certainly aren’t wilderness birds, and basically they aren’t countryside birds either except around grain fields and outposts of man-made infrastructure. I tend to leave by the end of August. But please make sure the House Sparrows don’t take over the nesting box — they will knock my eggs out! My calls are interspersed with little ‘mieu’ sounds. You can find me year-round in Florida. Don’t be surprised if you see extra red from the berries on my chin! But a few of us show up regularly in Florida, often at the same time each year. The robin is arguably one of the easiest birds to spot – its bright red chest giving away its identity to all that it meets. Our juvenile birds are white, and they molt into their blue colors in their first year. Find me during the wintertime as I scurry along the waves. I frequent golf courses and other flat spaces too. I’m a little guy who you might find flitting in the trees during the spring and fall migrations. Color All Terms Black Blue (incl. Both members of the mated pair will build the nest out of vegetation, feathers, hair, and refuse. You might mistake me for a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher or a Ruby-crowned Kinglet if you don’t see me up close. My preferred food is insects and berries, but I’ll visit your ground feeders, too. I’m a quiet little shorebird that you’ll find on the beaches. If you only see one of us, then listen to our calls to distinguish us. I’m a fairly rare duck in Central Florida area in winter. The jay is renowned for feeding on mainly acorns, especially in autumn where it can be seen burying them in preparation for winter. I hope you have some nice big dead trees for me! I’ll flit so quickly from branch to branch that you may find it hard to take my picture. I have a striking orange beak and black top to my head. My babies are cute little yellow and black fuzzballs. In the wintertime I lose my black head. Both male and female sparrow incubate the eggs for 10 to 14 days, and young remain in the nest for about the same period. Grey-brown in colour they have a pale underbelly and a striking black and yellow stripe across their head. This roughly 1-oz. Frimley, Surrey GU16 7ER,  In my breeding plumage I have a pretty line across my beak. You might have to look hard to find me in your backyard. I’m supposed to stay in the nootropics, but sometimes I stray outside of that range to the delight of birders and photographers. I’m as white as the sand, and I’m super fast. Don’t be surprised if a flock of us visits your neighborhood, especially in late spring. You can listen to examples of the House Sparrow call song here. Here are 19 of the most common birds that you are likely to spot in your garden. They tend to flock in groups in the winter as they search for food to feed their large families. I’m one of the many ducks that visit Florida in the wintertime. I’m a little gray and white bird that visits Florida in the wintertime. I’m the biggest woodpecker you’ll see in your Florida backyard. I’m a year round bird in Florida. I live in Florida year-round, but I’m easier to find in the winter months when the vegetation dies back to reveal my location. I prefer to stay at the top of tall trees. Clutch size ranges between about two to eight eggs; there are commonly two or three broods in a season. Look for my white eye rings to identify me! I fuss a lot when I fly. I’m a common, year-round bird of marshy areas. Like my name suggests, I’m most active in the evenings and at night. If you are listening with your ears, a two-syllable song is your give away. I stand very still for long periods of time, then stalk my prey very slowly. I’m a small hawk that may visit your backyard as I keep an eye on the birds at your feeder. My long bill makes me easy to identify. Some brown birds commonly confused with male or female House Sparrows include: American Tree Sparrow, Carolina Wren, Cassin's Finch, Chipping Sparrow, Cowbird, House Wren, Eurasian Tree Sparrow, Harris's Sparrow, House Finch, Purple Finch, Rose-breasted Grosbeak (female), Junco, Song Sparrow, White-crowned Sparrow, White-throated Sparrow, and even a Black … My everyday feathers are white and boring, but in my breeding plumage, I’m much fancier. I’m a fan of insects, and if you have an aphid-covered bush in your yard, I’ll happily come to take care of it for you! I’m the white-colored morph of my cousin the Reddish Egret. Outside the breeding season, the male is slightly less striking, the chestnut fading from the nape and the black from the bib. I’m found more readily during spring migration, but some of us do stick around for summer in Florida. Look for me at places like Viera Wetlands or Lake Apopka. I’m a summertime visitor to your Florida backyard. I’m a brown duck that winters in Florida. We’re easiest to identify if we’re together. I look a lot like a Sharp-shinned Hawk, and I’m smaller than the more common Red-shouldered Hawk. I typically winter in Mexico and breed along the Rocky Mountains out west. My bright red head distinguishes me from other woodpeckers. You’re most likely to see our males, which are brightly colored. I’m a quiet little shorebird that you can often find running along the waves at the beach. Another small bird, the dunnock is brownish grey in colour and quiet in nature. I’m a little like a Palm Warbler with a streaked tummy. They tend to seek out food on the ground, but will also glean for insects in trees and from the grills of cars, and occasionally catch them in flight. You’ll probably hear me before you see me–my call sounds like my name, ‘Phoebe, Phoebe.’ I don’t really partake of the seed offered at feeders. Our call is a sharp “bark.”  We are unusual birds because our lower beak mandible is longer than the top mandible. Often a solitary bird, the dunnock is usually spotted hopping near a flower bed or shrubbery-heavy area. When I get agitated, I will flash the red patch on the top of my head at you. Unlike a Tree Swallow, I have brown on my chin and underside. A unique bird, the Magpie is a noisy bird, distinguishable by its monochrome plumage and unique long tail. The house sparrow is in serious decline in some parts of Britain. Don’t confuse with with my cousin the Black-and-white Warbler. You might see huge flocks of us. I’m a rare bird in Florida. I’ll be the one flying low over the marshes and scaring the birds below me. I’ll gladly eat suet and seed cakes if you’ll offer them to me. I like to spend time by myself in the tops of trees. I winter in Florida, usually arriving in mid-October. I’m a tiny shorebird of Florida’s beaches. My favorite food is wild berries. The Sibley Guide to Birds. You can distinguish me from other sandpipers because of my yellow legs. I’m a little brown shorebird with a really long beak. During the winter, you’ll see my black and white colors more than my yellow accents. I’m a year-round resident in northern to Central Florida, but I’m seen most during the winter. I’m another very common backyard bird. Look for me by the ocean or at the edge of ponds in marshy areas. I’m an average-sized shorebird who spends my winters on the coasts of Florida. “Drink Your Tea!” That’s what my call sounds like. Look for my bright yellow colors in the treetops. Our female hummingbirds don’t have the flashy red throats of the males, but we’re still really pretty!


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