A matured one can be even less TCM “cold” than roasted greens. If i dont urinate and my tank is full after i urinate or... View answer, tea are not sick. I would usually drink tea before I eat a meal and after I ate a meal…I rarely or never drink it during meals. There are not known side effects of green tea in pregnancy. Thank you for your question. is it okay to drink in this amount? Green tea maybe has more. Everything should in a moderation, even to tea. Maybe your matcha was somehow not sealed properly? Besides quality grades, there is also the big difference in variety. It’s a small probability event. The varieties under this “puer” label range hugely and so is the taste. But then as with all things tea, it depends on the leaf. I find the information you have developed to be both interesting and important. I've just had a mug of green tea after dinner and felt slightly lightheaded and nauseous. I am having dry tong and mouth since I stared drinking loose tea, but I like teas more than coffees…any suggestions? Recently I have been drinking, or indulging even, in white tea. Therefore this is not good for people who are on diet process. I offently drink a very strong tea but i donot feel tired as by alcohol even i feel active and fresh for7-9 hours. Combining with my own experience as well as other tea lovers’ opinions, we do think it’s best to consume some food as soon as you can if you feel a bit of tea drunk. I wouldn’t even drink any tea at all before sleep and yet I would still get up several times every night because I am in need of urinating. If you sip tea and find that you’re unable to escape the nausea, we have a couple of suggestions to help you feel better. I recently got a job at a tea shop, and I have been trying so many different combos, and though I’ve only done drank at most 2 cups a day, they vary from black to white. Over Christmas I have drunk a lot of (black) tea and even today I have drunk around 5 cups (normally it’s 2 or 3 which is absolutely fine) and I have been experiencing bloating and nausea. Is this not so ? But, I just don’t know anymore. I hope your business is continuing to grow and prosper. To blanch or not to blanch? I really don’t think that’s my problem. yesteday night i couldnt sleep at all. it makes me feel sick. From what I am reading, it sounds like I am drinking too much tea which can be harmful. However, drinking a large cup of tea when it is still hot can scald your tongue and a cup of tea that is warm now will be cold later. They are not only easy to prepare, flexibly dilutable, and enjoyable both light or strong, but also neutral in TCM character. I’ve never heard of anything like that. I know if I drink too much matcha my stomach gets angry. Premium Questions. I actually have had the same issue with some matchas, it never lasts that long for me though. Sickness after bubble tea . There may be something in the additives you are reacting to. I’m not sure whether I have the same issue with all green teas. :) It drives me crazy. You are already signed-up with us. Hi … I think I must be addicted to tea. You drink tea along with snacks, and this is the time to add more energy to your body. I mix it up usually but I mostly do green tea. I also pee a lot when I drink Iced tea or some juices. It could also have been some sort of stomach bug. I have prepared exactly as they showed us in the tea house – remembering to rinse the leaves first. Solution number three for avoiding nausea after tea is so straight forward to most old timers like myself — drink the tea when it is still hot — that we wouldn’t know it can be done otherwise. Well, I’m only 35 — not sure if that qualifies as older on here or not. If you drink too much strong tea, it can have repercussions on your body similar to drinking too much alcohol. At least it wouldn’t increase the burden on your stomach. Too much tea will impact your sleep. Sometimes this can be a physiological reaction due to dehydration if your body is lacking in water content or electrolytes. I make this tea hot with a bit of stevia added to it. While there are people switching to tea having discovered a whole new world of gastronomic experience, some others are switching in for health. I also pee a lot when I drink Iced tea or some juices. Another possibility that a person experience nausea after green tea is having it too strong. That’s why I don’t think I’m particularly sensitive to caffeine. Caffeine increases the amount of acid in the digestive process, which can cause pain and nausea, particularly if you are sensitive to caffeine or if you take it on an empty stomach. Meat: it can easily contribute to the feelings of satiety than others. Ever since this habit began, I noticed, there won’t ever be a day when I would not feel ‘dizzy’. Green tea, in particular those that are steamed, or cured otherwise in low temperature, are not suitable for the weaker stomach.


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