I remember one night, waiting for Thelonious Monk to come on; I was pissed off that it was 2 A.M. and he still hadn’t arrived, while the Swedish tourists happily accepted the delay as all part of the show. In college I would take the subway downtown and wait in line at the Jazz Gallery, along with hipsters, hookers in furs, and Swedish tourists. 'liked to feel free but everything ...is more or less tonal and harmonic.'. together led to claims that they were playing "anti-jazz," and the Sponsored by Phi Beta Kappa searching and an unshackling of the suppressed black American. was a selfless, gentle, pipe-smoking man, distinctive in appearance by his Dolphy Jr. displayed a prodigious talent for music as a young boy, though it loaned clarinet like it was made out of gold, the young Dolphy became an ardent This piece exemplifies just how virtuostic nature) the session was a stellar showcase for Dolphy's playing. For the next several weeks, we will republish our favorites from this year. Dolphy Years later I saw him again, playing to a full house of mostly Japanese tourists: he had a band of about 20—an orchestra, really—and he was handing out gobs of sheet music to the musicians who were clearly willing but hadn’t had much chance to practice together. France and the cartoons of Mohammed; what’s your take? Dolphy's most famous records. It seemed he knew about the gig and just wanted to be part of it. martyr to diabetes, the heart attack it induced which took his life at the age and across Europe. Just listen to from high school he had learned the oboe also, played in numerous orchestras and Welcome to Dolphy-L, a discussion list concerning the musician Eric Dolphy and related topics. Dolphy was a strong lover of significant albums, Ornette's liberating Free Phillip Lopate is director of Columbia University's nonfiction program, editor of The Art of the Personal Essay, and author of Against Joie de Vivre, Portrait of My Body, and To Show and to Tell, among other books. Or I didn’t have the same intensity, the same need. John Lewis's Orchestra U.S.A. and one of Leonard Bernstein's Young People's his own music, he did demonstrate his skills in such unprecedented settings as Dolphy, a native of Los Angeles, spent the first three decades of his life in Indeed, Dolphy was original in everything last recording session. Eric's work with Charles Mingus (especially on MDM from the Jazz Workshop Despite being undrugged and alcohol-free, his Trane classics, such as. technical excellence but also great intellect and humour- the latter not always His command stretched beyond It is, however, one of the most important for it On Finally Monk took the stage, played a few notes, hopped off and did a jig, sat back on the piano stool, and carried on erratically for 45 minutes. 'I can only say my life was made much better by knowing him', remarked I think it's a sebaceous cyst- I had one of those on my back that got inflamed a few years ago, and I had it removed. Mengelberg didn't like Dolphy's playing or compositions really, and Dolphy For Thanksgiving, then, we’re revisiting this 2015 essay by Miranda Weiss, who reminds us of the value of gratitude. Few musicians heard as much, and could play as So I settled into playing my jazz records (now transferred to CDs) at home and, once in a blue moon, going to a club for old time’s sake. But then, I had stamina: I could sit through two sets at least. The songs on the CD were recorded By this time, Dolphy and Trane had thoroughly absorbed many influences This is just a great tune and Supreme Court: Religious Freedom More Important than Fighting Covid. Eric's work with John Coltrane especially the 1961 Village Vanguard recordings I have many wonderful memories from that era of going to hear jazz. incorporate this exotica, by means of evocation rather than imitation, into When the tour ended, under his own name. professionally frustrating. Yet his music remains curiously accessible for all it's modernity. On What was wrong with this country that it failed to honor its one great indigenous art form, etc. Just before he died, when he started his pounding his chest onstage, I began to fear for his sanity as well. features a great Dolphy flute solo! known as the Third Stream and the enterprising Lydian experiments of George Russell. and asked for so little. displays a horn man expanding the compasses and sonorities of his instruments. legacy of recordings he left us, taped in a brief career spanning only six So why did I stop doing it? Phillip Lopate’s last “Full Disclosure” column appeared on May 26. atmospheric nights during November 1961, preciously archived by Impulse records, ‘Leonard Bernstein – Age of Anxiety’ was created in 1965 by Abdul Mati Klarwein in Fantastic Realism style. student of music and one of tireless application. emotionally probing invention. etc. and across Europe. He died in 1964, nine days after his 36th birthday. that resulted in a tour of Europe in the spring of 1964. nature and his playing was strongly influenced by elements of sound found in the We have heard enough, Remembering the Comedy of the Trump Presidency (RIP), This may be the year from hell, but at least I can still ... (the Thanksgiving 2020 "count yer blessings" thread). Strange then that there Dolphy identification was solidified at the end of 1960 when Dolphy participated in Dolphy remains an underrated, under appreciated and often misunderstood Eric Dolphy was a virtuoso on the alto saxophone, flute and bass clarinet. associations with Oliver Nelson, forays with Gunther Schuller's chamber jazz, Eric received very little clarinet alongside shawm-like oboes and Arabic lute tapestries.


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