This can prevent a sick employee from getting into a dangerous downward spiral. Back training, yoga sessions, sport events, and many other offers ensure a better working atmosphere by giving employees the opportunity to be active together. What makes me happy? After all, we are talking about striking a balance, as opposed to a disregard for work in favor of a more casual lifestyle. Additionally, the work environment should never give employees the feeling that they cannot get up and stretch. Internal social networks are popular platforms for the exchange of interests. Home office allows employees more time to spend with their families and recover better during the week. For a healthy work-life balance, it is not only the relationship between the two sides that is important but also the individual factors of each side. it had been writtern very properly and helpful. Additionally, a free supply of fruit and drinks can have a positive impact on the health of the employees, which is important for the work-life balance. A somewhat easier method for achieving this balance is with flexible working hours. Other factors include adequate lighting, noise protection, and a good climate. If there is a canteen in the workplace, it should ideally offer a wide range of meals (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free etc.) The key is to be concise. Physical fitness is important to most people, which is why sporting activities during free time are of great importance. Employers can help employees achieve work-life balance by instituting policies, procedures, actions, and expectations that enable them to pursue more balanced lives, such as flexible work schedules, paid time off (PTO) policies, responsibly paced time and communication expectations, and company-sponsored family events and activities. But if everything already had to be done yesterday, it can be difficult to define a clear structure. The satisfaction you get from seeing your child more often will make you much more relaxed and productive at work, and reduce your stress significantly. In most cases, people work in order to live and not the other way around. Those with leisure activities planned after work often forgo a few hours of sleep in order to partake. Most employees have a number of hobbies and interests that they want to pursue in addition to their jobs. Because many employees experience a personal, professional, and monetary need to achieve, work-life balance can be challenging. The right corporate structures, a positive corporate philosophy, and a corporate responsibility towards employees all create a good basis for employees to work not merely with colleagues, but rather with people whom they feel comfortable with. If a company provides the appropriate personnel and childcare facility, it can result in an inspiring, familiar atmosphere in the workplace. By using The Balance Careers, you accept our, The Importance of Achieving Work-Life Balance—And How to Do It, How to Maintain Company Culture While Remote Working, How to Create Mental Health Support for Returning Workers. This, of course, also works the other way around: when the employee takes too much time for the family and endangers his/her job. Firstly, many professionals are simply too exhausted after work for social activities, so friendships may therefore suffer. However, there are of course certain factors that play an important role in the personal lives of most people. Ideally, work canteens should offer suitably nutritious food with a certain transparency regarding the use of ingredients and the preparation method. In particular, generous regulations for the starting hours of a workplace allow employees to adjust their working hours according to their own needs and preferences. A company kindergarten can relieve the burden on employees with children of finding the right day care options and also can provide a healthy opportunity for professional life and family life to cross over. When an employee is aware of their opportunities and possibilities to climb the career ladder, this, in turn, can lead to better productivity and a strong identification with the employer. Depressive disorders, burnout, and feeling overworked, are all common consequences of an economic system in which growth is still the maxim and personal happiness is left to the individual. A healthy diet is mostly the responsibility of the individual employees. The employer must view themselves not as the highest authority in the life of employees, but rather as a reliable companion that encourages a healthy lifestyle. This explains partly why a work-life balance is a relatively modern concept, because you truly do need all the basic needs to be met before you have time or energy, or need, to worry about aesthetics or self-actualisation. Our performance-oriented society all too often disregards the importance of the “happy employee” principle, which still causes confusion and skepticism in some levels of management. This is mostly because a large portion of Americans works overtime on a regular basis.


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