items seem to make the fight easier while others make it harder. The kanji on the side denotes whether it's scored based on time or points. 2. First make a deck and include 4 koma Gotenks from Dragon Ball. Knowledge beats Laughter. (Increases your attack power based on the number of characters in your deck). (TIP: Don't be afraid to abuse Raoh's up + Y attack (Touki Aura). Special B: Genki Dama (Power increases per character in your Deck), Special A: Warping Chou Kamehame Ha (Turns Super Sayjin 3), (Double tap forward or backward before Goku fires to teleport), (Double tap any direction before Vegetto fires to teleport), (Buy the path to this Koma in Vegeta's Evolution Chart after unlocking. 1. Ultimate Action: Neuro sleeps. (hold Select for more energy), (Unlocked in Planet X: Boss Tower, Mission 10, Part 1), Special A: Hokuto Shin Ken Tenryu Kokyu Ho (Gains Attack-Boost effect), (Buy the path to this and the 8th Koma in Yuria's Evolution Chart). (Your battle screen is blacked/whited out). - Gains SP energy when using Supports related to Allen. another Battle character or a Support character. Have Exactly 14 Help Koma in your deck, 4. You can get them simply by KOing and opponent. OTOKOJUKU>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>, Edajima Jaki Genji, Momotaro Date Ryuji. (Unlocked in Planet X: Boss Tower, Mission 8, Part 5), Special B: Henka Beam (Restores some health), (Buy the path to this Koma in Mr. Satan's Evolution Chart), (Unlocked in Dragon Ball World, Mission 3, Part 2), (Causes Blindness effect and drains 1 SP bar from your opponent), (Unlocked in Dragon Ball World, Mission 1, Part 3), (Unlocked in Dragon Ball World, Mission 2, Part 1), (Unlocked in Dragon Ball World, Mission 3, Part 1), (Unlocked in Planet "M", Mission 4, SP mission), New Dragon Ball questions added to Quiz Mode, (Unlocked in Planet "P", Mission 1, SP mission), <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>, Naruto Gaara Jiraiya, Sasuke Tsunade, Sakura Sai, Kakashi Orochimaru. 01/30/07 - EVOLUTION CHARTS COMPLETE!! (Buy the path to this Koma in Wan Taaren's Evolution Chart). Here are some of the symbols you will run across in the Evolution charts. ), 5 = Kinnikuman (Kinnikuman)(Linked to Tsuna), 6 = Bo-bobo (Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo)(R button), - Horse Deck (People related to horses like Seiya the knight of Pegasus), 2 = Gyro Zeppali (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure), 4 = Cascade (Midori no Makibaou)(R button), - Symmetry Deck (The deck layout is in a symmetrical shape), 3 = Katsura & Elizabeth (Gintama)(R button), 4 = Jane (Jungle King Ta-chan)(Linked to Renji), 5 = Kyoko Sasegawa (Katekyo Hitman Reborn! have a useable deck, so don't go turning them all into battle characters. Special Gauge regenerates when you're on the field, (Unlocked in Sakigake!! Here is a list of the various kinds of items that you will find... - Orange, Apple, Strawberry, Banana, Grapes, Mellon =, - Meat = Restores a larger amount of health, - First Aid Kit = Restores a little health to all Battle, - J-Coins = Restores a small amount of SP energy, - Bombs = Explode and damage anyone near them, - Red Boxing glove = Causes Attack-Boost effect, - Blue Boxing Glove = Causes Critical effect, - Ink = Drops a drop of ink on everyone causing Blindness effect, - Hammer = Drops hammers on everyone�s head causing Paralysis effect, - Weight = Drops weights on everyone�s head causing Speed-Down effect, - Gems = Can be used to buy more koma, and Data features, A new feature of Jump Ultimate Stars is the "Ultimate Actions". - Confusion = A pair of "?" - Ensastu (Hiei only) = A black & white kanji appears over your head. Useable as long as you have 2 or more Battle Characters in your deck. KO your opponent with a Special Attack, 1. Luckyman World, Mission 1, Part 2), (Causes Blindness effect and drains 2 SP bars from opponent), New Tottemo! - Paralysis = Two bolts appear over your head. NOTE: Use Kenshiro's Y button attack twice to boost his Y button attacks. After you've named your deck, you can now add characters to it. world, Mission 1, Part 1), (Unlocked at Yu-Gi-Oh! - Attack power increases when health is low.


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