Just collect the pollen from each flower and go back and forth to all of the blooms. I HAVE TRANFERED THE TREE INTO BIGGER POT AND SO FAR DOING OK... TILL NRE LEAFS GROW. This will also help with the sunlight exposure and better air circulation for the canopy. Water a container grown lychee every day. And looks amazing. After the harvest of fruit, fertilize with half the amount and do not feed again until fruit has set for the second harvest. The interior seed is small and the translucent white flesh is fragrant and sweet with a hint of cinnamon. This will help maintain the health and integrity of the tree. We've determined you're in Growing Zone #. Lychee tree size: the height 5-20 m the wide 5-10 m, can be dwarf cultivars 2-4 m height. 2) Make your hole three times the size of the root ball and just as deep. 4) Container grown lychees need to have the nutrients in their soil replenished, adding Mycorrhizal fungi will increase the root growth and their ability to distribute/absorb nutrients and water. That means you'll save tons of money by harvesting your own fresh, delicious Emperor Lychees by the bushel right from your own tree. Can it Handle Frosts? However, adding an additional Emperor Lychee Tree will drastically increase the size of your crop. When the tree gets to about 4-5 years old it should be near its full maturity and a yearly trimming of the fruit should be sufficient in terms of pruning the tree. Uncontrolled root growth can be very unhealthy for the tree since they cannot absorb water or take in oxygen as needed. Cease fertilizing in the third year to get the tree fully prepared to enter its fruit bearing stage. Preferred Climate Tropical, Subtropical Learn About Climate Zones. The Emperor Lychee Tree (Litchi chinensis 'Emperor') is a beautiful tropical dwarf tree that produces large, juicy fruit larger than that of the regular Lychee tree. 5) If your tree is indoors during the flowering time you may need to assist the tree with spreading the pollen around. Actually, there are many reasons. Tip: Mycorrhizal fungi (available for purchase in our Root Rocket) is highly recommended as a soil additive when back filling your planting site. With incredible flavor and a multitude of planting options, the Emperor Lychee is a tree fit for royalty. Clusters of giant-sized Lychees surrounded by green, pointed leaves put on an awesome display of tropical beauty. Once your order is shipped, you'll receive an email with a tracking number. 2) Select a pot 1-2 sizes larger than what the lychee came in (Example: Came in a 1 gallon pot, go up to a 3 gallon). Likes Temps above 5deg. I was very impressed with the knowledge of the botanist on staff that I spoke with regarding this poor tree and I believe Fast Growing Trees will honor their warranty. Planting directions (potted): There are a couple of basic steps to follow when keeping your lychee tree containerized. 3) Gently comb the root ball to free up the feeder roots and position them downward into the hole. Share it with your friends so they can enjoy it too! The density of the lychee makes it susceptible to powerful wind gusts which might cause it to blow over. Type of Tree: The Chinese Lychee falls into the following type(s): Ornamental Tree, Fruit Trees Mature Height: The Chinese Litchi grows to be 50' - 60' feet in height. The other two trees I ordered arrived in perfect condition. Lychee trees will take at least five years to mature before bearing any fruit. The season is upon us for harvesting the fruit of the Lychee tree.Despite the fruits addictive flavor, it remains one of China’s best kept secrets.Lychees have a rough outer skin that separates easily leaving you with a flesh that is sweet to sub-acid, aromatic and tastes unlike anything else on earth. A potted lychee will not require any pruning for at least 2-3 years and even then, it’s a minor thinning to open crotch angles. A slow, compact grower, the Emperor won't exceed heights of 10 feet, so the design possibilities are limitless wherever you choose to locate it. The full to partial sun loving Lychee has great staying power with its fruit that can even be frozen and enjoyed months later! Special Care for a Lychee Tree. This will promote flowering and the fruiting of your tree, pollinated flowers are after all what brings that delicious fruit! With great staying power, your fruit will hold firm until they're ready to be picked. They are commonly planted in USDA growing zones 9-11 but can be brought indoors during the colder seasons. Container grown lychees do not require fertilizer but will benefit greatly by spraying liquid phosphorous on the leaves. Keep mulch 8 to 12 inches (20-30 cm) from the trunk to prevent rotting of the base of the trunk. Lychee trees grown from seed don't grow true to the parent tree and take 10 to 25 years or more to produce fruits. Your input is very much appreciated. Avoid areas that may retain excess moisture. Estimated Shipping Time: Most orders ship immediately. It’s is taking well to new soil in Southern California. The Emperor will give you a touch of the Orient while also producing some of the most expensive, velvety textured fruit you can find in your local produce section. A large hole loosens the soil making it easy for the roots to expand into the adjacent soil. Compared to a mix of passion fruit and grapes, the Lychee's flavor is perfect for fresh, chilled eating alone, added to tropical fruit drinks or sliced and topped on your favorite desserts. Get exclusive offers, care tips and more! Amend the soil with some organic matter/compost at a 50-50 ratio of dirt removed from the hole. 1) Sunlight is a major requirement for a healthy potted lychee so be sure you have a good full sun location indoors while the cold season is present. Air-Layered Trees Most lychee trees are reproduced by air-laying. As noted on the website, some items are seasonal, and may only ship in spring or fall. Avoid over saturating the soil. Lychee tree size. In the summer, missing even a single day of watering can cause major leaf drop on the tree. The fruit's soft, velvety texture and milky, sweet flavor is that good. Do not rinse the brush off! You can even leave the skin on and freeze them for up to 3 months! You will get fruit with only one plant. Put several shovels of amended soil in and gently pat down with your hands. Soil: Add a few more scoops repeating the procedure until the hole is filled.


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