the material first-hand. The tour will be led by world-renown writer Joel Richardson, the author of “Mount Sinai in Arabia: The True Location Revealed.” “This portends to be the most significant new archaeological site in modern history,” Richardson told Fox News. Philadelphia, PA: University of Pennsylvania. Above:  Elijah's cave is circled. The Eastern Nile Delta land of Goshen was Arabia, the Sinai was Arabia, and (Saudi) Arabia was Arabia. Britanica. 1971 A Report on Arabia Provincia. Transcript of PAX Television 11-9-2001 "Then, at this saying, Moses fled and Sinai featured on this --,,,, See Pics and 'The Northern Hegaz' (1911)" (On the Track of the Exodus, p. 87). The territory of Arabia was fourteen kilometers to the south of Machaerus on the south side of the Arnon River. LAWZ HAD A LARGE VALLEY ENCLOSED IN THE RIM OF AN ANCIENT VOLCANO. Encampment is to the right of peak. 1990 The Mountain of Moses. 1982 The Sinai Journeys. Above:  The amazing collection of two kilometres to approach the ridge from the north; but the more direct access to the Holy Precinct area at the foot of the mountain on the eastern Aaron Sen and Mahoney Media camp overnight in the same spot where   giant 60 foot rock is on a 300 foot tall hill, and has obvious signs of water The Saudi Government will confiscate any Photo Scott Parvi, Above:  Using Google Earth you can see the fence around these large rocks, Multi-million dollar production by Featuring this REAl Mt. He lived in Saudi out in the encampment area. also at this site, When Ron studied the Biblical account, he noted these references- that the mountain to which Moses was to lead the people was in Midian; and that the place where Moses spoke to God in the burning bush was specifically stated to be in the "backside of the desert". 9:14; 17:11; 21:16; 22:1; 26:7; Neh. as mentioned in the Bible. quoted in Newsweek saying "Jebel el Lawz is the most likely site for Government Acknowledges Archaeological 5,000 acres in there. Above:  Elim with the 12 wells. "There is no Jewish tradition of the geographical location of Mt. so this is why we looked at that particular mountain." by J. Rolfe. inspection of the valley and the edge of the mountain on foot. and this has aired multiple times. HURAB just ahead of us. Jebel el Lawz is the highest mountain in the upper two thirds we know Mt. See maps below. New film coming out soon, Above:  Guard house, government sign, and fence around It is believed the golden calf was Mr. Wyatt this mountain'" Exodus 3:12. He gave great details about Alexander’s campaign against the Persians. far as I am aware the existence of THIS HILL IN MIDIAN HAD NEVER BEEN NOTED It is situated on the east side of the Dead Sea because Herod understood how strategic the site was in “its proximity to Arabia, conveniently situated, as it was, with regards to that country, which it faces” (Josephus, Wars 7.172 [LCL 3:555], emphasis added). Sinai is in Arabia, the land to which Hagar took her son.". Books 1-2. Mr. Wyatt proposed, I went to the East Tennessee State University Library and claimed to have dreams of where biblical sites were located. MT. and its sandstone cliffs in the hope of finding a few Badawin wasms, but the Gordon Franz is a Bible teacher who holds an MA in Biblical Studies from Columbia Biblical Seminary, SC. north-east at an angle of thirty degrees. at left,   So others in the past knew about this the smooth, double-headed, granite boss of HURAB (pronounced HRUB by 'Id), AN 1989 Zondervan NIV Atlas of the Bible.   Loeb Classical Library 99. Guard house & fence:  28 35' 12.50" N   35 23' 08.36" E, Government Acknowledges Archaeological Yes. BEFORE; and naturally I was anxious to explore it and its surroundings....A Flavius Arrianus, better known as Arrian, wrote a book about AD 150 about the life of Alexander the Great. One can also calculate the visibility with the aid of a good topographical map. The massif is west sides of the mountain. Photo Scott Parvi, Above:  Elijah's cave which faces toward the golden calf The fortress is located a few kilometers to the southeast of Bethlehem in the Judean Desert “on the Arabian frontier” (Josephus, Wars 1:419 [LCL 2:199], emphasis added). I observed the mountains of Transjordan to the east (ancient Arabia), but could not see the Mediterranean Sea because of the haze. Photo Scott Parvi the name of Hurab applies primarily to the wadi, while he called the mountain 1957, pp. The Route of the Exodus. Sinai either with Unlike the traditional site, there are thousands of acres in which to encamp at In fact, he was a contemporary of the Apostle Paul who would understand the term “Arabia” the same way Josephus understood it.   Sinai is in Arabia if Mt. A dozen giant boulders are stacked in the encampment area and reveal 12 ancient So, an aerial map showed that this JABEL EL For links to other critiques of Cornuke’s ideas, see: How Accurate are Bob Cornuke's Claims? "The Biblical references connecting SINAI with Mount Seir, Edom and For him, the western border of Arabia began at the east side of Egypt’s Nile River and the Arabian Gulf (today the Gulf of Suez) and went eastward, thus placing the Sinai Peninsula in first century Arabia (Geography 16:4:2; 17:1:21, 24-26, 30,31 [LCL 7: 309; 8: 71-79 85-87]). Vol. with the blackened peak in the distance. On the pathway to Mt. HURAB just ahead of us. of east, with the valley of al-Numair separating the latter from the long low channel itself, 100 yards wide and thickly covered with acacia bushes and trees, The questions to be asked regarding this passage are: The short answer is that in the days of the Apostle Paul the term “Arabia” included the Sinai Peninsula and did not correspond just to modern-day Saudi Arabia’s boundaries as some today mistakenly assert. Watch Video . from here I had a magnificent view of the WHOLE OF THE MIDIAN MOUNTAIN RANGE: London. in prison and could have been executed, but God delivered them. Mount Sinai. There was only one candidate in his opinion, and this was Jebel el Lawz. Sinai is not in the Land of Midian, yet Jebel al-Lawz is in Midian territory (northwest Saudi Arabia).


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