Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, ... Superman beat Darkseid. He received his bachelor's degree in creative writing from San Francisco State University in 2016. Before Clark can even get his bearings, he's immediately tackled by a version of himself under Darkseid's control. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. In his free time, he enjoys reading graphic novels and writing fantasy. The premise of Death Metal Trinity Crisis is that Wonder Woman wants to capture the energy of DC's tDC's three biggest 'Crisis' events to restart the DC Multiverse. He didn't fly. While the issue itself only gives readers a hint of how Superman will react, it feels deliberate that the Crisis he has to face is the one where Darkseid is the main villain. Next: Death Metal Superman is a Rock God on Guitar (Seriously). "IT WAS AN AVATAR!" Manipulate matter and energy on a vast scale?.....superman closed a black hole with his ass. Part of the whole point of the Crisis was to reset Superman’s power levels. Related: Batman Sacrificed [SPOILER] To Become Gotham City. It took Franklin Richards to ressurect Galactus to defeat him, so Supes and Darkseid would have to … The end result is that this Superman has been left with a body wrecked by the anti-life equation and a mind scarred by trauma. All heroes in the dark multiverse of Dark Nnights have faced a tough life, but few have had it worse than Superman. PC darkseid was galactus according to Jack Kirby. Besides, if all it takes is the big G and a nullifier to beat him, then I'm sure together PC DS and Supes can vibrate enough to go into the marvel universe and get one. Will the memory of being tortured cause him to flee? Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. To accomplish that, she, Batman, and Superman storm castle bat to relive the DC Universe's three biggest events. http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/5008/allnewohotmuaz01049sg.th.jpg, Everything abraxas can do PC supes has done. And Abraxas punks Galactus for fun, so I guess you're right. In versus forums you’ll see “Pre-Crisis Superman” as more or less shorthand for “stupidly OP character who can do anything just because”. if you were around when the living tribunals powers were being disected youd know that abraxas would be to much. Superman has faced many foes, but rarely does he face a villain who has actually managed to hurt him as personally as Darkseid has. The meaning of Crisis changed DC Comics forever This is Kal-L, also known as the Golden Age Superman. Whether it be mental or physical, Superman is bound to face some form of torture in Dark Nights: Death Metal Trinity Crisis #1, the only question is whether Clark will be allowed to face it like a human being or not. Superman is the most well respected DC hero for a reason. Are you kidding? Unreal to those who think superman can win, Abraxas is more powerful than Living Tribunal - if he lives too long all things die. Abraxas snaps his fingers: Supes and Darkseid die. He can only look on in horror as Darkseid tells him this is the way things should have gone. But even the Man of Steel isn't immune to trauma and few things have left him more traumatized than his time on Apokolips. The Suicide Squad Has Officially Been Killed, Superman Meets The Darkseid Who Conquered DC's Universe, Batman Sacrificed [SPOILER] To Become Gotham City, Death Metal Superman is a Rock God on Guitar (Seriously), DC's New Wonder Woman Is Leader Of The Amazon Army, Red Guardian Wants To Build A New Russian Empire In Marvel Comics, The Complete 'Lore Olympus' Character Guide, The Justice League’s Biggest Team-Up Was A Thanksgiving Brawl, Rick & Morty: Where to Start Reading The Comic Series, Black Widow: Captain America Killed Natasha in The Comics, TMNT: The Marvel and DC Heroes That Inspired The Turtles, Apocalypse Makes The Ultimate Mutant Sacrifice, Superboy Is Becoming DC's Future Superman, Firefly: The Heartbreaking Secret of Wash's Dinosaurs, Batman: Joe Chill's Son Became a Costumed Vigilante, Harley Quinn & Joker's New Origin Is Less Twisted, But Still Tragic, The Nightwing Of The Future Is Based In Arkham Asylum, Rick And Morty Stole A Major Detail From The Fantastic Four, Superman's Biggest Tragedy Just Happened Again, The Justice League Just Launched Its Version of 'Clone Wars', Captain America Wields The Phoenix Force in Avengers Preview. pre-crisis is insane people he shouldnt be in any threads sept against guys like the spectre or the phoenix. Wonder Woman finds herself on deserted streets. The only fights I think where retconned, was the ones prior to New Gods #15. Worst of all is Superman, who enters a world where Darkseid won Final Crisis and used the Anti-Life Equation to conquer the universe. And yet..there's no proof of any of that. His strength, endurance, and strong morals mean he is tough to beat, and even tougher to break. Pre-crisis or no, they can't stand up to a force like Abraxas. What this offers is something entirely different, a Superman who is terrified of his opponent. Pre C Darkseid was claimed to be Galactus level and he used to punk Pre C Supes who was apperrently even afraid of him. Either way this would be a significant upgrade for a lot Pre Crisis characters such as Darkseid or Golden Age Superman, one of you is gonna need to get an admin on this. Darkseid tries to escape again but this time he dies. In addition to writing comic book news for Screen Rant, he also writes reviews for the horror website Signal Horizon and is a first reader for the literary magazine Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores. That trauma will only hold Superman back as he prepares to fix the multiverse. All of it is too enticing not to explore. It sets up an exciting confrontation with many possibilities. PC supe's answer to everything was to vibrate or spin around...and it worked for some reason. Supes also dies easily but he stays and dies like a man. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. This version of Clark has been imprisoned by Darkfather, a wicked combination of Batman and Darkseid. Batman comes into a universe of nothingness. It's hardly far fetched in PC supe's world of orange juice time travel. Will Superman respond in anger?


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