Add to Cart. Received my Axion Key XM30 and it is very good. When the order is placed, the manufacturer starts the order processing and assembly process which includes the following: Only by following the above steps can we along with our manufacturers bring you - our customer - night vision products of highest quality, However as you can understand the above process can take several days to complete. Wolf Eyes Tactical LED Torches are a long term supplier of IR LED Torches or Infra Red LED torches to both the LED hunting torch market and also the Police, Military and law enforcement market in both 850nm and 940nm range. The cost of a thermal imaging monocular is greatly influenced by the two key factors below: 1. Please note that most thermal devices are built per order. Features Pulsar Helion 2 XP50 2.5-20X50 Thermal Imaging Monocular - The Best Thermal Imaging Seller. Call for Availability. It occasionally possible to expedite the process for urgent orders but addional fees or other restrictions may apply. Thermal devices can produce various types of images. The Pulsar Q50 Thermal Monocular runs for up to 6.5 hrs. These infra red IR LED Torches, both 850nm and 940nm are used to enhance the range of your night vision equipment, be it a night vision scope or night vision spotting scope. Pulsar® Challenger GS Night Vision Monocular PL74097 Infrared/IR 3.5x50mm REFURB - High  Magnification Generally Ships in 5-7 Business Days . Seek: mobile device mounted thermal cameras are the main products of this brand. - Small Pocket Sized Format Your Price: CAD5,182.16 Generally Ships in 5-7 Business Days . Check out the excellent user reviews and ratings >> here to see what they say. Delivery Time and Manufacturing Process for Pulsar Quantum XQ50 Thermal Imaging Monocular: Most of our manufacturers do not keep products like Pulsar Quantum XQ50 Thermal Imaging Monocular assembled on the shelf. Please consider this similar product instead, Range of Detection, yd / m (Object (Human = 1.7*0.5m). Pulsar IR Flashlight (805) C $154.03. Generally ship in 5-7 business days . Using a high quality microblometer (thermal imaging sensor) with 12 um pixel pitch it displays the images on a HD Amoled display at 50 frames per second, so you can observe fast moving action. Night Vision tubes are kept separate from the body of the unit. All three models in the range feature rechargeable lithium ion batteries for low running costs, while the top two models feature inbuilt video and  photo recording, with a wifi unit to stream to a phone or tablet. The Axion Key monoculars are the cheapest thermal imagers Pulsar produce with a 960x720 pixel screen, comprising of two models - The Axion Key XM22 (Detection range of 950m) and Axion Key XM30 … The Pulsar Trail2 XP50F LRF thermal imaging scope is probably our favourite thermal scope at the moment (as well as Australia's), followed equally by the Pulsar Trail2 XQ50 LRF, & Trail2 XQ38F LRF, depending on application. We aim to be your LED torch shop of choice. Special Price: $3,419.97 . Zeus thermal scopes, Q14 and Scout monoculars, Helios and Scout binoculars and many more. on 4 fresh AA batteries and even features proprietary video-output to capture all the action. It may take 3-5 days or more for your order to ship. Wolf Eyes Tactical LED Torches are located in Sydney, Australia but service clients in Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth in fact all over Australia, both urban and rural through our thermal scope, night vision & LED torch online shop and Sydney office. 50 Hz Refresh Rate - AMOLED Display - Audio Video Recorder Item: PL77394 Condition: New. on 4 fresh AA batteries and even features proprietary video-output to capture all the action. Regular Price: $3,799.00 . ATN: produce such well knows devies as ThOR-HD thermal scope, BINOX-THD thermal binoculars, and OTS-HD thermal monocular. Please phone or email for your Government Departments Vendor Number. Keep in mind that this process is designed to guarantee your satisfaction with the night vision device of your choice. The last Pulsar shipment to Australia is expected around the 07.12.20 and is unfortunately very small with limited items. When you demand world-class, long range heat detecting, the Pulsar Quantum XD50 4.1-16.4x42 Thermal Imaging Monocular answers the call with jaw-dropping performance. It only takes about one-thirtieth of a second for the detector array to obtain the temperature information to make the thermogram. Let’s see why it is worth your consideration. Here is how thermal imaging devices work... A special lens focuses the infrared light emitted by all of the objects in view. Exploring the Dark? 27.11.20 Limited Axions arriving, we have taken  XQ38 and XQ38LRF off pre order as component availability has meant ridiculously low (almost non existant) quantities available for Australia. We also strongly support rural feral pest control and hunting, with unique hunting LED torches and rechargeable LED headlamps built for this purpose. 31 watching. - Instant Start-up The combination of all the impulses from all of the elements creates the image. Wolf Eyes is the only Pulsar Premier Partner in Australia. - Lightweight For example if your device fails QA, the entire process restarts. I can't believe how good this is! 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