Dire Promise 2. —Arach Jalaal Press J to jump to the feed. 1. Now that I’ve gotten some good feedback here and have come to realize I’ve been playing like a mindless zombie since starting months ago, with decent aim and everything else being pretty awful, I’ve decided to try to change that lol. PvP PC. I kind of get the feeling that the new infusion cap is really just being created to increase the grind and keep players playing the game. #destiny #destiny2 #seasonofthworthy Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This weapon will be among the best for PVE, Overflow / Swashbuckler will be fantastic. Just got one with Steadyhand HCS, Flared Magwell, Triple Tap, and Swashbuckler, i could not ask for a better roll. That's about it. With sunsetting being a nonissue in comp, it’s between these two HCs. Rolled mine w/ Steadyhand HCS, Ricochet Rounds, Opening Shot, Elemental Capacitor w/ Range MW. My pvp god roll for dire Promise ends up being snapshot sights and rangefinder, gotta love the consistency. A perfect Recoil stat. Dire Promise: Hitmark HCS/Sureshot HCS. Play for a full week with each one then use the one that feels more comfortable for you. Dire, and honestly I'd use flared magwell. Spare rations: Hammer forged Ricochet Snapshot Multi kill clip, Dire promise: Sureshot/hitmark Ricochet Snapshot Rangefinder, Dire for consistency, Thorn for lethality, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the sharditkeepit community. Cookies help us deliver our Services. https://opseat.com/ref/OPGAMING/ I just need to know, with all things being equal (everything top tier), which is the superior gun for comp and why? In the video, I'll go over and compare the stats of Dire Promise to Spare Rations, I'll also compare the perks that can roll on Dire Promise and Spare Rations too. There is one unique roll for pve on Dire Promise, and that is Overflow and Rampage. I would never put it down, It’s certainly nice but it lacks the range I get with the Dire Promise...certainly never going to dismantle it though, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the sharditkeepit community. Dire Promise is a returning Light Weight Frame Hand Cannon to Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy. 1 Bathroom! Masterwork Range. —Arach Jalaal Has without a doubt replaced my Spare. A perfect Recoil stat. Appended Mag/High-Caliber Rounds. CruciblePlaybook is a subreddit for discussing strategies and techniques for Destiny's Crucible. Opening shot will give increased accuracy and range on your opening attack, so it's not a bad pvp perk. Whooopiedooo! There is also one perk on Dire Promise that Spare rations doesn't have, and that's opening shot. Crossfire HCS, Flared Magwell, Opening Shot, Rangefinder with a Stability masterwork. So here's the roles: Spare Rations - Extended Barrel, High Cal, Rapid Hit, … - Someone for the Love of God understand the reference.... I can already predict that this would be a great contender against the Spare Rations but will be hard to farm for due to the loot pool being heavily diluted in this season. Unlike Rose (which is a good option until you get a decent Spare or Dire), it has random rolls, and the perks are overall solid. Or. Are the stats good enough/god roll or should I try for a different Dire? PvP PC. Dire promise… 0 Dire’s only advantage is opening shot, which can be very useful. Better Aim Assist. On pc, range and handling are important, with reload speed being a third priority, so I’d pick whichever gun has better stats in those areas. Having a nice pve (TT/SB) Dire Promise myself I'm not impressed vs my rapid hit rations. As far as perks / mags / sights etc focus on the ones that increases stability without sacrificing range.


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