Not only did I need a flat bottom canner, it could not be larger than 11 inches in diameter since my largest burner is 10 inches. I’ve been putting tomatoes in the freezer as they’ve been ripe, plus I had tomatoes left over from last year still in the freezer, so I spent four days and got them all done. Most pressure canners are aluminum, so that means pressure canning on an induction top stove top is pretty much eliminated automatically. We use this as our base for chili. Homemade apple butter is the equivalent of fall in a jar. It is reasonably priced and has good reviews. Just make sure it is approved for use on a glass/ceramic top stove. (Some are just for gas stoves. If preserved food is … Dec 29, 2016 - Shop Lehman's online store with water bath canning supplies and products. I still used my trusty stock pot canner for pints (I did 32 pints of salsa, 12 pints of soup, and 15 pints of thick sauce), mostly because I ran out of propane and didn’t have time to travel the 13 miles to the nearest store while I was in the middle of canning. As I mention in The Confident Canner, most Frigidaire® brand stoves have long been approved for water bath canning. This might be the perfect option for those of you who have older glass top stoves, or who don’t want to do a lot of canning on a glass top stove. We reside on the family farm with our own 3 farmkids. Yes and no. Next I tackled a canning rack. Of course, Jarden Home Brands (Ball®) has recently come out with an electric water bath canner. Years ago, when I first started dabbling in canning (jellies, primarily), my handy machinist/farmer husband made me a custom rack to go in the bottom of my large stock pot. (Update:  As of fall of 2018, I still break out the stock pot with the custom rack to use for any pint canning that I’m doing!). A couple years ago, I expanded my canning repertoire to add my grandma’s tomato soup. Required fields are marked *. The processing time doesn't start until after you've put the jars of food into the water and the water has returned to a full boil. As a stock pot it also will easily do double duty. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. It is heavier and of higher quality than most traditional basket type canner racks. And according to the owner’s manuals, they are all safe for home canning. It is the perfect size for making soup this winter when the whole family comes over. I really wanted to be able to can quarts. (Update:  My mom got me one last year for Christmas, so I’ll be learning how to pressure can very soon!! You'll receive a confirmation email shortly after submitting this form. Qty. If you are looking to buy a canner to use on your glass top stove, get a Presto Canner. $37.97 $ 37. Works on woodstoves or gas hotplates. BENEFITS OF WATER BATH CANNING. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Required fields are marked *. Using my stock pot has served me well, as long as I was only canning jellies and pints of applesauce. I finally decided to purchase a this 16 quart stainless steel stock pot. So, it was back to Google (how did we live before Google?). Why use this product for water bath canning? I'm a 5th generation farmgirl who married a farmboy from the neighboring county 15 years ago. If the water is boiling too vigorously, reduce the heat until it comes down to a more gentle but still full boil. ), After much research and bouncing ideas off of my sister, I arrived at a workable, non expensive, non scary solution for water bath canning on a glass top stove-, We have a propane camp stove, so I set up a table in my carport right outside my back door, set the stove on that, and voila! You don’t really have to sanitize the jars but since I set the water bath canner on the stovetop to heat the water I simply place the jars on the rack in it. I looked up several different stoves online. On one hand, I actually enjoy the process and the feeling I get as I gaze at all my lovely jars filled with garden goodness, but on the other hand, the canning itself takes so much equipment and set up. Canning recipes that call for a boiling water bath will include an instruction like "process for 10 minutes." That means my old enamel canner with bottom ridges will have to be replaced. This was even more difficult than finding a water bath canner. Seed to Pantry is a division of Hestia's Hearth LLC, a healthy lifestyle company. This step was much more difficult than I expected. But I am very pleased with this reversible canning rack from Sur la Table. Granite Ware 0707-2 21.5 Quart Canner With Lid. However, the “no more than 1 inch diameter” rule has always applied, so beware that your canner may not work with your stove top. Peggy, you can use a heat diffuser. How to Plant Tomatoes to Get Maximum Yields, Beginner’s Guide to Planting Strawberries, 10 Things You May Not Know About Chickens. Our stovetop water bath canners are hand-crafted by the Amish & perfect for large gardens.


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