Always look for a Pest Control Products (PCP) number on the label so you know the product has been approved by Health Canada. Voles look like house mice, but have a shorter tail, a rounded muzzle and head, and small ears. You will not receive a reply. Prime members enjoy Free Two-Day Shipping, Free Same-Day or One-Day Delivery to select areas, Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading, and more. Includes a Set of Brush & Eyeliner Applicators kit and E-Book, Aspectek Animal Repeller [2 Pack], Solar Powered Animal Repellent with Motion Sensor and Red Flashing Lights, Waterproof Repellent Farm Garden Yard for Cats Dogs Foxes Birds Skunks, Thermacell Mosquito Area Repellent Refills, 120 Hours (Not Compatible with Radius Zone Device), Digger’s 1-Gallon Gopher Wire Speed Baskets (4-Pack) – Gopher Baskets Made For Fast & Efficient Planting – Effective Gopher Repellent For Perennials, Berries, & Vegetables, Bird Blinder Repellent PinWheels – Sparkly Holographic Pin Wheel Spinners Scare off Birds and Pests (Set of 8), CDN$ 11.47 for shipping & import fees deposit, Yarnow 5pcs Plastic Spikes Solar Torch Lights Replacement Ground Stake for Garden Light Landscape Security Light, Humane Mouse Trap, Live Mice Trap, Reusable Indoor and Outside Mouse Traps, Kids/Pets Safe, Easy to Set, 2 Pack, And Bird Pest Control Repellent Horned Owl Decoy, Vertical Great Owl Pest Deterrent Natural Enemy Rotating Scarecrow …. Natural predators including cats, owls, and snakes can help keep the vole population down. See Use pesticides safely for more information on using pesticides safely. The vole has a dark brown coat with a greyish belly that turns white in the winter. Moles are solitary animals, and it is likely that only one or two moles are responsible for the damage to your lawn or garden. Make your home a pest-free zone. We include organic fertilizers into our formulas to help restore your damaged yard! Cats or dogs can also discourage a mole from entering a yard. Moles do not hibernate. To make this repellent, chop a yellow onion and a jalapeno pepper and boil them with 1 tbsp. Apply odor repellents based on natural ingredients such as castor oil like Bonide Molemax Vole Repellent to keep voles away from the garden. © 2008-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. They can kill plants when tunnelling by removing soil around roots (the unprotected roots then dry out and die). Its eyes are small and its broad front feet have strong claws for digging in soil. Mole & Vole Repellent I Must Garden Mole & Vole Repellent is used to rid moles and voles from lawns, gardens, flower beds, and more. Comboss Solar Strobe Light with Remote Controller, Solar Strobe Light with Motion Detector Solar Alarm Light 129db Sound Security Siren, Protected your Home, Farm, Barn, Barn,Villa,Yard. People and pet safe when used as directed. The adult mole is 12 to 20 cm (4.5 to 8 inches) long and has dark grey or brown velvety fur. To a certain extent, a healthy lawn where the risk of grub infestations is minimized will be less attractive to moles. But the mole and its tunnels can damage lawns, gardens, parks, golf courses, and cemeteries. Mole & Vole MACE is 100% biodegradable, non … This causes the animals to leave the treated area in search of a … They should not be used on food, edible plants, or directly on the fruits or nuts of trees. of water. A repellent concentrate with castor oil as the main ingredient combines three ounces castor oil and a tablespoon of liquid dish soap in a half gallon of water. Plant diseases may also be spread by the mole's movements. Mole & Vole MACE is a proven repellent for your all season protection.


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